Oh Yu-jin, praised by Jang Yoon-jeong, for her brilliant leadership
Oh Yu-jin, praised by Jang Yoon-jeong, for her brilliant leadership
TV Chosun's 'Miss Trot 3' entered the second round of team missions and wrote an unscripted drama.

The viewership rating for the third episode of TV Chosun's 'Miss Trot 3', which aired on the 4th, recorded 16.9% nationwide (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households), breaking its own highest viewership rating. As a result, it ranked first among all Thursday programs, including terrestrial, comprehensive, and cable channels, for three consecutive weeks. At the same time, it continued to be ranked first among all weekly entertainment shows for three consecutive weeks. At the moment, the highest viewer rating soared to 18.2%.

It continued to set an all-kill record in terms of box office success by capturing not only viewership ratings but also topicality. 'Miss Trot 3' ranked first among TV & OTT integrated non-drama for two consecutive weeks as a result of a survey in the fourth week of December published by Good Data FUNdex, an online topicality research platform.

On this day, a powerful participant reminiscent of Song Ga-in, who was created by 'Miss Trot', emerged from the work department. Miss Kim, a 'Haenam virgin farmer' who grows cabbage and beekeepers, received all hearts by showing the essence of authentic trot with Lee Mi-ja's 'Shall I Call You Nim'. As it turned out, Coma was selected as a strong candidate for the winner, saying, "As soon as I saw the stage, I felt that way when I saw Song Ga-in. I got shivers." Jang Yoon-jung also admired, saying, “It is surprising that they are not active-duty members,” and “All Hearts, All Hearts, came out.”

Min Jeong-yoon, who runs a salad shop competing with Miss Kim, was also powerful. Kim Yeon-ja's 'Youngdong Blues' received 12 hearts. Jang Yoon-jeong said, "There are not many singers with such an attractive voice among active singers. If I take a little lesson, I think I will be able to sing my own song. If I get bad results here, I will give lessons," and said, "I will give you lessons." Possibilities for development were pointed out.

The first round of the contest, which featured a breathtaking death match, has ended. Bae Bae-hyun, who showed off the qualities of a traditional trot expert with amazing bends and unrivaled tone, Bok-eun Bok-eun, who thrilled the living room, and Jeong Seo-ju were crowned as the glorious TOP3 Jin Seon-mi. Bae Hyun, who won Jin in the first round, was thrilled and said, “I am still lacking a lot, but I am grateful for giving me this precious position.”

Unfortunately, contestants with excellent singing skills who had failed were given an additional opportunity to pass. Yoon Seo-ryeong from the college division, Gu Min-seo from the gifted and talented division, Su Bing-su from the sprout division, Min Jeong-yoon from the workplace division, and Yoo Soo-hyeon from the active duty division advanced to the second round by recovering from the losers. As a result, 46 people advanced to the second round, and unfortunately Lina from Russia withdrew. In the first round, Lina selected Joo Byeong-seon's 'Chilgapsan' and impressed the audience with its curved melody. However, because she was pregnant, her condition worsened, and she had no choice but to leave 'Miss Trot 3', her dream stage, in tears.

The long-awaited second round, in which 45 people ultimately advanced, consisted of team missions for each genre recommended by the master. If you receive All Hearts, everyone goes straight to the 3rd round. If All Hearts fail, you become a candidate for elimination, and the 3rd round finalists are decided through a meeting of masters. The team that opened the team mission was the seven members of the champion division. Champion Boo is a strong contender for the championship, with all participants ranked All Hearts.

While Oh Yu-jin, who has established herself as a complete trot artist, took the center stage as the leader, Go Ah-in, who won the championship prize by one car, Kim Na-yul, the grand prize cleaner, and Kim So-yeon, who was praised by Kalin Park for having everything including singing ability, performance, and stage manners, gathered together. Here, Bin Ye-seo, who made viewers cry, Jin Hye-eon, a member of the Jeonju University Sasup Nori who even dropped out of school for 'Miss Trot 3', and Chae Soo-hyun, who surprised Kim Yeon-ja by singing a song that even a professional singer found difficult to sing, joined in Jang Min-ho's 'Sound the Wind Music!' The stage unfolded.

Champion Boo, who created an exciting stage with the perfect combination of Korean traditional music and trot, once again set an all-heart record. The seven trot fairies displayed both their singing and performance skills, giving off the juice of an active idol group. Jang Min-ho, the original composer, was 200% satisfied, saying, “All seven members showed their individual colors and strengths, and they seemed like members who have been together for many years.”

Oh Yu-jin's determination to lead the team shone. While it was difficult to distribute parts due to the largest number of people in the team mission, he led the stage by overcoming difficulties for the team. Jang Yoon-jeong praised, "Oh Yu-jin's singing, performance, and facial expressions are close to perfection. She led the team with her good skills."

Go Ah-in, Kim So-yeon, and Kim Na-yul, who sacrificed and made concessions for the team, also showed great strength. The three people kept the team centered so that it would not waver. In addition, Jin Hye-eon, who succeeded in dominating the early stage by utilizing her Korean traditional music skills, Bin Ye-seo, whose dancing skills are as good as those of idols, and Chae Soo-hyun, who performed the stage stably with excellent calculation, once again thrilled viewers.

Group A of the active-duty division is a collection of true top predators, starting with the pride of the active-duty band, Bae Hyeon, the first round human cultural asset, Lee Ha-rin, founder of the spatula trot, and Seulgi, who ignited the hearts of her older brothers as the main vocalist of the trot girl group Aurora. They are Bangsil’s ‘Ah! ‘Sarubia’ was selected. They created a fascinating stage with passionate flamenco and received all hearts. The efforts of Group A of the active-duty team, who overcame the sadness of obscurity and survived by persevering in the active-duty division, were touching. To put on a spectacular performance, he even lost his toenails and bruised his legs. Kalin Park gave high praise, saying, “I applaud you for combining your skills while highlighting your own colors.”

The organ was deeply moving as it practiced with tears in its eyes to perform the choreography for the first time in its life. In addition, Bae Hyun used her singing skills as a weapon to focus the song, which could have been distracting due to the transition between different genres. Everyone did their part, from Lee Ha-rin and Jang Yoon-jeong, the performance queens with stable singing skills, to Seulgi, who received praise, saying, "She played a role in sprinkling glitter on the stage. Thanks to her, it tied the stage together."

The Department of Commerce and Economics teamed up with Song Ja-young, a Chungcheong girl who made Kim Yeon-ja cry with her solid voice in the first round, Kim So-yeon from North Korea, who overcame difficult times and impressed people, and Choi Hyang, who won 20 grand prizes and took over Iksan. They selected Yoon Soo-hyun's 'Men Don't Leave Me Alone' and showed an energetic performance. The Department of Commerce and Economics, which suffered a crisis due to Lina's mid-term withdrawal, left something to be desired in terms of completion despite all its efforts and all became candidates for elimination. As a result of the master meeting, only Song Ja-young, who showed unexpected charm with powerful singing ability and performance, advanced to the third round.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google