Lee Soo-geun loses valuables worth 5 million won, including cell phone, during filming
Lee Soo-geun loses valuables worth 5 million won, including cell phone, during filming
In Channel A's entertainment program 'Trust in Me and Follow Me, Urban Fisherman 5' (hereinafter referred to as Urban Fisherman), which will be aired today (4th), black sea bream fishing on the seaside rocks will be held on 'Chuja Island', an island loved by anglers.

On this day's broadcast, the 'Let's Live a Good Life' campaign will be held to welcome the New Year. As the show progresses with high-end fishing supplies as prizes, Lee Gyeong-gyu, the master of rudeness, shows an unexpected appearance of swallowing his anger. It is said that he even gave words of praise to the production crew who had spilled the beans instead of yelling at them, saying, “Thank you for helping me.” However, with the low performance continuing until the afternoon, the true colors are slowly revealed, and the 'Live a Good Life' campaign is said to be in crisis. Attention is being paid to whether the urban fishermen will be able to maintain their composure until the end and make the 'Live a Good Life' campaign a success.

Meanwhile, a situation arises where all the money is flowing toward the position of professional Park Jin-cheol, and Lee Soo-geun, who sees this, raises a conspiracy theory about the position, saying, “It’s because Jin-cheol deceived us.” In response, Joo Sang-wook even took the production team's loudspeaker and started a battle for the truth, saying, "I can't go fishing because all the bait is flowing that way." Pro Park Jin-cheol, who suffered from a torrent of protests from members, eventually put down his fishing rod and held a rapid-fire press conference(?), and the members eventually gave in to the fishing pro's expertise.

While fishing peacefully, Lee Soo-geun experiences unexpected hardships. Suddenly, an emergency situation occurred where swells overflowed onto the seaside rocks and the tackle box was swept away without time to do anything. When Lee Soo-geun's mowing efforts were of no use, even the production crew on board the ship launched an operation to rescue the tackle box. However, contrary to expectations, the lid of the tackle box opens and valuables worth 5 million won, including the latest cell phone and a high-end reel, are lost. Lee Soo-geun, facing an empty tackle box, said, “What I can receive as compensation is a 4-price black sea bream,” and even in the midst of this, he shows the aspect of an ‘advanced’ angler. We can see through today's broadcast whether Lee Soo-geun, who offered valuable items to the Dragon King, will be rewarded with the Dragon King's fish clothes.

The twists and turns of black sea bream fishing that unfold in the winter fishing mecca 'Chuja Island' will be revealed on Channel A's entertainment program 'Trust me and follow me, Urban Fisherman 5', which will be broadcast at 9:30 pm today (4th).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google