Look, Siwan hit the jackpot again.
Look, Siwan hit the jackpot again.
The Coupang Play series 'Boys' Generation', which featured Im Si-wan's passionate performance, reached a spectacular finale with the final episode released on the 22nd.

According to what Coupang Play revealed, the Coupang Play series 'Boys' Generation' had a vertical increase of 2,914% in viewership from its first release to the end of its run, ranked first among Coupang Play's most popular works for 6 consecutive weeks, with over 350,000 reviews in Coupang Play and a high score of 4.5 points. The rating was recorded. Im Si-wan then took first place in actor brand reputation in December 2023, and the trailer and highlight video of 'Boys' Generation' proved its topicality by landing at the top of YouTube's trending video rankings every week.

'Boys' Generation', which is filled with unpredictable developments in each episode and the subtle emotional lines of teenage high school students centered on 'Jang Byung-tae' (played by Im Si-wan) through the actors' excellent performances, is a well-made series for viewers who enjoy binge-watching the work after the final episode is released. It is evaluated as

In particular, Im Si-wan's 100% idiotic acting, which was so synchronized that people around him were worried about his 'retirement', and his dialect acting that was comparable to that of a Chungcheong-do native, brought laughter until the last episode and even provided an exhilarating catharsis that was created by twisting the typical punishment of punishment.

After the final episode of ‘Boys’ Generation’ was released, various communities said, ‘I watched it during the Christmas holidays because people around me said it was fun. It's a life's work. ‘It’s Siwan’s masterpiece’, ‘It’s a shame the season is over. Netizens are giving enthusiastic reactions such as 'I have to drive straight on the N car', 'It is the most powerful work I have seen recently', 'Im Si-wan's dull acting was the best', 'Now I only see Si-wan in a state of illness', etc.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google