Kim Gook-jin♥Kang Su-ji reveals their married life on New Year's Day 204
Kim Gook-jin♥Kang Su-ji reveals their married life on New Year's Day 204
TV CHOSUN 'Lovers of Joseon' Kang Su-ji and Kim Kook-jin finally appear as the 'Lovers of Joseon' on 'Lovers of Joseon'. Although they previously appeared as studio MCs in Season 2, this is their first VCR appearance.

The first broadcast of the new year at 10 PM on the 1st will feature the married life of the 'Noodle Couple', who have been married for 7 years but have rarely revealed their daily lives together.

In their first pre-release video presented by the production team of 'Lovers of Joseon', Kim Gook-jin delivers a handwritten letter and a bouquet of flowers to Kang Su-ji on the day of her concert. However, Kim Gook-jin made the MCs nervous(?) with his sudden action of suddenly using a 'scissor cut' on the completed handwritten letter.

The video begins with Kim Kook-jin visiting a flower shop with the production team of 'Lovers of Joseon'. Kim Gook-jin said happily, “Usually what Suzy wanted most from me was to buy me flowers.” However, while writing a handwritten letter to be included in the bouquet, Kim Gook-jin seemed dissatisfied with something and asked, “Do you have any scissors? “Scissors…” he shouted.

When the production crew brought the scissors, Kim Gook-jin mercilessly cut the back of the letter and said, “If there’s a phrase you don’t like, just cut it out. “This is enough, I don’t think there will be any need for it after that.” Even so, when the production crew was curious about the cut back part of the letter, Kim Gook-jin said, “I guess I’ll have to cut it completely!” and tried to ‘destroy the evidence’ by cutting the paper into smaller pieces.

As the content of the 'cut handwritten letter' continues to raise curiosity in the studio, the pre-release video shows the production team's voice confessing, "We pasted that content..." and the production team jumping up and saying, "Hey, wait a minute," and not knowing what to do. It ended with Kim Kook-jin not knowing.

The contents of the 'unpublished love letter' written by 'Lovers of Joseon' Kim Kook-jin to his wife Kang Su-ji will be revealed in the 24th episode of 'Lovers of Joseon', which will be broadcast for the first time in the new year at 10 pm on January 1, 2024.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google