What shocking secret will actress Jang Na-ra discover in the drama ‘My Happy End’?
What shocking secret will actress Jang Na-ra discover in the drama ‘My Happy End’?
TV CHOSUN The key points to watch for the new weekend mini-series ‘My Happy End’ have been revealed.

TV CHOSUN's new weekend mini-series 'My Happy End', which will be aired for the first time at 9:10 pm on the 30th (today), is the story of a woman's desperate struggle to regain her true happiness.

Director Jo Soo-won, who showed his unrivaled directing skills in 'I Hear Your Voice', 'Pinocchio', '30 but 17', and 'The Doctor', and actors Jang Na-ra, Son Ho-jun, So Yi-hyun, Lee Ki-taek, Kim Hong-pa, and Park Ho-san will appear.

1) Jang Na-ra and Son Ho-jun meet again after 6 years

Jang Na-ra takes on the role of Seo Jae-won, a self-made furniture company recognized by everyone and an influencer with a million followers. She confronts the secrets of her husband, stepfather, and co-workers who have been a great help to her, and comes to the shocking truth.

Son Ho-jun will begin his acting transformation by playing the role of Heo Soon-yeong, a devoted husband and a foolish father who puts his family first. Jang Na-ra and Son Ho-jun reunited as a couple six years after 'Confession Couple'.

2) The appearance of trustworthy actors such as So Yi-hyun, Lee Ki-taek, Kim Hong-pa, Park Ho-san, and Kim Myeong-su.

So Yi-hyeon played the role of Kwon Yun-jin, Seo Jae-won's classmate at art school and an assistant professor at the art school, and Ki-taek Lee played the role of Yoon Teo, a man with a dualistic personality where good and evil coexist. Kim Hong-pa plays the role of Seo Chang-seok, Seo Jae-won's stepfather, and displays a special paternal love that goes beyond affection and kindness; Park Ho-san plays Nam Tae-joo, a former homicide detective but is now an insurance investigator; and Kim Myung-soo is the father of Kwon Yun-jin, a magnate in the art world and the chairman of an arts scholarship foundation. Appears as Kwon Young-ik.

3) Director Soo-won Cho depicts sensuous mise-en-scène and psychological changes in detail.

Director Cho Soo-won plans to show his delicate directing ability by focusing on the psychological changes of the character in 'My Happy End', which moves along the emotional lines of the main character, Seo Jae-won. It doubles the attractions and charm of a human psychological thriller.

4) It is not just a psychological thriller

The production team said, "'My Happy End' presents a unique 'human psychological thriller' with fast-paced, explosive development, high-quality mise-en-scène, abundant attractions, and three-dimensional characters. The production team and actors, who are of one mind and spirit, show great passion and special affection. “Please check out ‘My Happy End’ for yourself in the first broadcast,” he said.

TV CHOSUN's new weekend mini-series 'My Happy End' will premiere at 9:10 pm on December 30th (today).

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia greenworld@tenasia.co.kr translated by google