Rowoon, this year was dazzling
Rowoon, this year was dazzling
Actor Rowoon has been busy in various fields this year, raising expectations for 2024.

Rowoon played the lead role in two dramas this year, solidifying his title as an ‘emerging romantic comedy master’ and ‘historical drama man.’ In JTBC's 'This Love is Force Majeure', which first aired in August, he played the role of Jang Shin-yu, a lawyer who was cursed, and showed off acting that freely ranged from romance to comedy, garnering the attention of global fans. In addition, he acted in a variety of ways, from modern dramas to historical dramas, by going back and forth between past and present lives, and impressed viewers until the end with his wide range of emotional acting.

Subsequently, in KBS2's 'Wedding Battle', which aired in October, he played the role of Shim Jeong-woo, a Cheongsangbu and the most angry man in Hanyang, leading the play. With his more detailed comedy acting, Rowoon received passing scores in both comedy and melodrama genres, broadening his acting range. In addition, he performed well as the male god in a historical drama with a stable historical tone and beautiful hanbok visuals.

Rowoon worked as an MC in several programs and attracted attention with his stable and sensible hosting skills. In SBS M and SBS FiL's 'THE IDOL BAND: BOY'S BATTLE', which aired from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, he showed off his skills as an empathic MC by empathizing deeply with the survival contestants and delivering a warm message. In addition, he served as an MC for both parts 1 and 2 of KBS2's '2023 Music Bank Global Festival', which aired on the 15th, providing enjoyment. Rowoon, who has such solid hosting skills and speaking skills, has been confirmed as the MC for the '2023 KBS Drama Awards' on the 31st, raising expectations.

Rowoon, who is gaining global popularity not only in Korea but also abroad through such diverse activities, held a fan meeting '2023 WINTER SPECIAL FANMEETING - MERRY CHRISTMAS feat ROWOON –' in Japan on December 24th. In particular, this fan meeting became a hot topic even before the performance as all tickets for the second meeting were sold out immediately after opening. Rowoon, who successfully completed the Japanese fan meeting, will hold his first solo fan meeting tour 'An Ordinary Day' since his debut in 5 regions in Taipei, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, and Seoul starting in January next year and look forward to more I plan to meet my fans.

In addition, Rowoon continues to be a trend, receiving constant love calls from the pictorial and advertising world. Accordingly, attention is being paid to how full of brilliant activities 2024 will be for Rowoon, who has continued to be active this year.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google