Lee Chan-won “Should I take a day off a month or not?”
Lee Chan-won “Should I take a day off a month or not?”
Singer Lee Chan-won worried about physical issues while juggling various schedules.

On the 28th, the production presentation for SBS's new liberal arts program 'Overindulgence in Life' was released. PD Lee Yong-jin, Lee Ji-hye, Lee Chan-won, Oh Hae-won, and Son Jeong-min attended the event.

‘Over-Immersive Life History’ is a new concept alternative history storytelling program that sheds light on the life of a person in history and follows that person’s choices and results. It returned as a regular program after the pilot last August.

Oh Hae-won of Nmix said, "Ever since I debuted as a girl group, I often took on the role of special MC. Since this is my field, I was able to speak with confidence. This was my place to listen, so I was nervous and cautious. I recorded a few times. “I’m so happy because I’m the youngest,” he said. “I’m the leader of the team, so I usually lead the process, and I have to answer and think about sensitive or worrisome questions, but I’m just grateful that the seasoned seniors made ‘Over-Immersion in Life History’ so fun.”

What are the things you are personally ‘over-immersed in’? Lee Chan-won said, “Baseball.” He added, “I love sports so much. Yesterday, I went to a congratulatory event for a baseball player acquaintance. Another thing I’ve been missing recently is food. Since it was kimchi season, I made 6 heads and sent 4 of them home. I also made oyster pancakes. Headquarters “We are sending it down to ,” he said. Oh Hae-won said, “I’m overly immersed in writing lyrics. I’m just scribbling.”

We also had time to draw fortune cards. Regarding his recent concern, Chan-won Lee asked, "It's a physical problem. As I juggle various schedules for performances, events, broadcasts, and advertisements, I only get one or two days off a month. How can I solve this?"

Lee Chan-won's card was 'If your expectations are too high, you will be disappointed.' In response, Lee Ji-hye said, "It means you can't rest. You shouldn't expect to rest," but interpreted, "It's better to be physically difficult to be thankful. It's better to be mentally difficult because you don't have work." Lee Chan-won was impressed, saying, “I have blind faith in him.”

‘Overindulgence in Life’ will be aired for the first time on the 28th at 9 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google