Park Na-rae "First house to live in, annual rent of 4 million won without deposit"
Park Na-rae "First house to live in, annual rent of 4 million won without deposit"
Na-rae Park revealed the cost of her first house.

MBC's entertainment show 'Save Me!' will be aired on the 28th. 'Homes' (hereinafter referred to as 'Homes') introduces '2023 year-end settlement houses' as 'Top 5 apartments with the lowest actual transaction price this year' and various monthly rents and single-family homes in university areas in 2023.

In the special feature '2023 Year-End Settlement House', we reveal the university districts with the highest monthly rent for students in their 24th year of college who urgently need to move. Before looking at properties for sale in earnest, Na-rae Park revealed that she paid annual rent rather than monthly rent for her own room during her college years, saying, “I lived for 4 million won without a deposit, and I paid half the cost with a friend.”

Jang Dong-min lived alone with Yoo Se-yoon and Yoo Sang-mu, and said that they paid the monthly rent in the form of a flat rent. He says, “Back in 1999, we paid 1.8 million won in rent for six months and deducted a little each month.” He then surprised everyone by saying, “It was a studio apartment, but up to 10 friends lived together.”

Na-rae Park reveals the monthly rent for each university district in Seoul, saying, “The average monthly rent price for each university district in Seoul is 599,000 won.”

We compare and reveal the average monthly rents near Seoul National University, Korea University, and Hoegi Station, where Kyunghee University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and University of Seoul are located, and finally, near Sinchon, where Sogang University, Ewha Womans University, and Yonsei University are located. It raises questions about which university area will have the highest monthly rent.

Next, the 2023 MZ generation's exploration of their own living rooms continues, capturing attention. A realistic comparison between female students' living rooms and male students' living rooms is revealed. Seeing the female student eating cheese and fruit on MZ tableware, the male coordinators in the studio said, “Fruit at home? While one person said, “This is ridiculous,” the male student’s room, which had minimal dishes and recycling piled up, said, “This is real,” and the studio burst into laughter.

'2023 Year-End Settlement House' introduces the TOP 5 apartments with the lowest actual transaction prices this year. Properties for sale across the country, from Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do to Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do, are introduced, and even the surrounding environment and living infrastructure are revealed in detail. Studio coordinators who checked the actual transaction price and the inside of the property for sale showed great interest, saying, “It’s an unbelievable price,” and “It’s great to use as a second home.”

In addition, 'Homes Year-End Settlement House' introduces the names of unusual houses in Korea. It is said that the studio was shocked by the naming sense that was difficult to believe by seeing, such as the basic names of various animals and the names of the 'Holmes' coordinators.

Na-rae Park uncovers the hidden meaning of the naming method for each apartment. Apartment names such as 'Central', 'River', 'Foret', and 'Metro' attract attention as it is said that it is easy to find out the location conditions nearby.

'2023 Homes Year-End Settlement House' is broadcast at 10 PM on this day, 'Save Me!' It will be revealed in ‘Holmes’.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google