Song Kang jumped into the fire and saved Kim Yoo-jung
Song Kang jumped into the fire and saved Kim Yoo-jung
Song Kang regains his demonic abilities.

In the 10th episode of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'My Demon', which aired on the 23rd, the devil Guwon (played by Song Kang) began a fateful battle to protect Do Do-hee (played by Kim Yu-jeong). Do-hee and Gu-won decided not to give up on each other and set out on a journey to retrieve the 'cross tattoo'. However, we faced another unexpected crisis. Guwon-ho, who jumped into the flames and saved Do-hee. The twist of Salvation, in which his abilities returned along with his tattoo, raised even more expectations for future developments. The average viewership rating for the 10th episode soared to 4.3%, and the highest instantaneous rating was 5.4% (based on Nielsen Korea's metropolitan area). The target 2049 viewership rating was 1.4%.

On this day, the words of the homeless woman (played by Cha Cheong-hwa) confused Gu Gu. If Do Do-hee survives until the full moon rises, the cross tattoo, which is the source of her power, will disappear and her salvation will spontaneously combust and disappear. They both asked how to survive, but the old woman's prophecy that when the full moon rises, roulette will stop and the winner will be won, disturbed Gu-soo.

Returning home, Gu-won faced Do-hee as if nothing had happened. The two enjoyed their home date without being separated all day. When asked by Salvation what he would like to do if the Earth were destroyed tomorrow, Do Do-hee's answer, "I have to be with you," was even more painful. Then, Gu-won expressed his complicated feelings towards Do-hee, who caught him in his sleep. Do Do-hee's firm heart, saying "I will find you. You will never give up" to Gu-won, who said that he was going to leave far away, shook Gu-won violently.

Do Do-hee's words strengthened my heart for salvation. I decided to struggle against fate. Guwon went straight to the homeless woman and declared war, saying, “I won’t give up on anyone. I will choose both Do Do-hee and me.” And Guwon suggested a bet to the homeless woman that she couldn't do that, and left with a confident look on her face.

With solemn determination, Guwon began preparing to return the tattoo. Guwon, who decided to go on a trip with Do Do-hee while hiding the truth, also asked the police to ensure Do Do-hee's safety in case he could disappear. Meanwhile, Jin Ga-young (played by Jo Hye-joo), who could not stand by and watch Gu-won die, visited Do Do-hee. Jin Ga-young told Do Do-hee that if the tattoo is not returned to her, Gu-soo will die, and even confessed to the fact that Gu-soo can only live if Do Do-hee dies. Do Do-hee was shocked.

Do Do-hee made a decision. No matter what I do, I will make sure that Tattoo returns to Guwon. Do Do-hee and Gu-won decided to face fate together and headed to Sokcho to enjoy their alone time. And on the night of the full moon, Do Do-hee and Gu-won faced their inevitable fate. Noh Do-kyung (played by Kang Seung-ho), who was in a state of extreme confusion, rushed to the convenience store where Do Do-hee was. As the car exploded, flames erupted in an instant, and Gu-won jumped into the flames without hesitation to save Do-hee. At the moment when Joo Seok-hoon (played by Lee Sang-i), who arrived late, was frustrated, salvation miraculously came to Do Do-hee's rescue. Do Do-hee's words of salvation, "Tatoo is back," surprised everyone and presented a twist.

The Cross of Salvation tattoo has finally been returned to its proper place. Gu-seon succeeds in betting on fate, breaking God's conviction that human fate can never be changed, saying that the only way to regain his abilities is through Do-hee's death. The cross tattoo was moved once again during the couple's crisis. I wonder whether the roulette of fate between Do Do-hee and Gu Gu will be able to stop at happiness. Meanwhile, Noh Seok-min was appointed as Chairman of Mirae Group. Noh Seok-min quickly held a general shareholders' meeting by threatening the board members and rose to the position of chairman. His creepy face, which used his son Noh Do-kyung to take Do-hee Do-hee's life, further heightened the sense of crisis.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google