Daechi-dong kids are also curious about whether Jeon Hyun-moo will be eligible for MBC, “This year, it’s because of Kian84.”
Daechi-dong kids are also curious about whether Jeon Hyun-moo will be eligible for MBC, “This year, it’s because of Kian84.”
Broadcaster Jeon Hyun-moo gives up his desire to win the 'Entertainment Awards'.

In Channel A's 'Please Tell Me Your Grades: Teachers' (hereinafter referred to as 'Teachers'), which airs on the afternoon of the 24th, a former civil high school student who gave MC Jeon Hyun-moo a 'KO loss' with his proficient English pronunciation appears.

In an earlier recording, a first-year high school student who said her dream was to become an announcer completed her self-introduction with her proficient English skills. The challenge student, who boasts fluent pronunciation as a 'Daechi Kids' who graduated from an English kindergarten and is armed with various early education programs, asked MC Jeon Hyun-moo a timely question in English, 'How many awards do you think you will receive this year?' Jeon Hyun-moo was embarrassed and said, “The pronunciation is so strong that I can’t understand it.” In the end, Jeon Hyun-moo finally answered in English, "No, the reason is Kian 84," referring to Kian 84, who is sweeping the entertainment industry these days. Jang Young-ran started teasing Jeon Hyun-moo in earnest, saying, “Your face is red. Why is the person who came out of Yeongmun Department like this?” In response, Jeon Hyun-moo revealed that he was discouraged by the challenging student's pronunciation, saying, "I get scared when people attack me with my pronunciation."

Meanwhile, the challenging student maintained top grades throughout middle school and attempted the Civil High School, but was having difficulty studying in high school after failing in the first round. The challenging student who knocked on the door of 'Teachers' while keeping his high school midterm report card hidden from his parents only submitted the report card to instructors Seung-je Jeong and Jo Jeong-sik when he came to the studio.

According to the results of the report card release, the English score was good, with a score of 91.17 out of 100. However, it was shocking that the math score was only 28.67. As a result of the problem analysis, instructor Jeong Seung-je was confused, saying, "The test difficulty level is not difficult and is normal, but when I look at the questions I got wrong, I wonder if it was a mistake." Instructor Jo Jeong-sik diagnosed, “The grades are okay, but ‘literacy’ seems to be the problem.” In response, MC Jeon Hyun-moo asked, "If this is the case, wouldn't you be more stressed if you went to a private high school?" Instructor Jeong Seung-jae responded, "If you passed a private high school, you'd be in big trouble. It was really an act of God that you didn't pass."

The 'Confidence Recovery Project' with instructor Seung-je Jeong, a challenging student who was a 'Daechi Kids' who ran through advanced learning and a top-ranked private high school student, but scored a shocking 28 points in math, was revealed on 'Teachers' at 7:50 pm on the 24th. do.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google