Lee Jang-woo, whose personality controversy erupted, “How long are you going to keep palm oil?”
Lee Jang-woo, whose personality controversy erupted, “How long are you going to keep palm oil?”
At the '3rd Palm Oil Seminar', Hyunmoo Jeon, Na-rae Park, and Jang-woo Lee once again reflected on the unchanging truth of mukbang: “The world is large and there is a lot to eat!” 'Palm Yuzu', who was overly immersed in Taiwan's 'Did You Swallow', radiated Palm Yu's presence wherever they went, including Taiwan's MZ hot place and night market, and truly proved their 'crazy form' worthy of the 'Best Couple Award' at the Entertainment Awards.

Jeon Hyun-moo and Park Na-rae gave generous praise to the 'Palm Oil Seminar Part 3' prepared by Lee Jang-woo, the youngest member of the 'Palm Oil Family'. ‘Palm oil boss’ Jeon Hyun-moo said, “Palm oil does not end this year,” and predicted the great performance of palm oil to continue in the future, raising viewers’ expectations.

In the MBC entertainment program 'I Live Alone' broadcast on the 22nd, the second story of palm oil members Jeon Hyun-moo, Park Na-rae, and Lee Jang-woo, who held the '3rd Palm Oil Seminar in Taichung', was revealed.

The household viewership rating for 'I Live Alone', which aired on this day, was 8.9% (based on the metropolitan area), ranking first in its time slot and first among Friday entertainment shows. The 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator for advertising officials and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, also recorded 4.1% (based on the metropolitan area), ranking first in the same time slot and first among all Friday programs.

The best one-minute protagonist went to Lee Jang-woo. This is an interview scene in which Lee Jang-woo guides Palm Yuz to the path of Morning Jokbal, points out the characteristics of 'Taiwanese Jokbal' and explains the reason for choosing a good restaurant. This scene's viewership rating per minute soared to 10.3%.

On the second day in Taichung, Palmyouz brought a lot of laughter with the school uniform cosplay of 'Swallowed It', a parody of the Taiwanese youth drama 'Sanggyeonni' that hit all of Asia. Jeon Hyun-moo was immersed in the worldview as 'Mute Gwang-han', a parody of Heo Gwang-han, the male protagonist of 'Sanggyeonni'. Park Na-rae transformed into 'Hang Haengxiu', a parody of the female lead character 'Huang Yuxuan', and Lee Jang-woo transformed into 'Sin of Not Being Scarred', a parody of 'Mo Junjie', a sub-male character who causes 'sub-disease'.

The three people passionately sang the theme song of ‘Did You Swallow?’ “Did you swallow? Did you swallow it? And then you swallowed it, King Pig~” and moved to the breakfast area led by Lee Jang-woo. The first meal of the second day was Taiwanese pig's feet. Jeon Hyun-moo and Park Na-rae were obsessed with Taiwanese pig's feet, which has a 'hebebe' flavor. Na-rae Park fell in love with Taiwanese pig's feet for the first time and rolled her eyes. When Lee Jang-woo saw the reactions of Jeon Hyun-moo and Park Na-rae, he felt proud. When the special spicy sauce was added, a completely different pig's trotters were born.

However, Lee Jang-woo incurred the wrath of Jeon Hyun-moo and Park Na-rae when it was revealed that he had eaten all of the sauce that each of them had purchased. In addition, suspicions arose that the person who won rock-paper-scissors had lost in part in a bet to ride Park Na-rae on a scooter, leading to a 'personality controversy'.

Palm Yuz became more immersed in the worldview of ‘Did You Swallow’ while riding a scooter. While enjoying Taichung's sunny weather, we went to 'Rainbow Village', Taichung's photo spot. The three people took a commemorative photo in line with the worldview of ‘Did You Swallow?’ and made everyone laugh with poses and expressions that resembled the animals of the year. They also enjoyed healing by performing a street performance with Taiwanese Iron Man, whom they met by chance. The note given by Taiwanese Iron Man brought unexpected emotion to the three people.

Lee Jang-woo prepared the Taiwanese dessert 'Sha Sha Sha (formerly the first letter of Xiao Chi)', which will follow the success of 'Didi Di', which enjoyed Mokpo's desserts. As soon as Jeon Hyun-moo and Park Na-rae entered the street of 'Simgyesinchon', a hot place for Taiwanese MZs, they poured out 'deep' happiness. Lee Jang-woo, who amazingly matched the tastes of his older brother and older sister, was proud and said, “That’s the kind of guy I am.” The three ordered 'sweet potato balls', which are popular among Taiwanese MZs, and then went out to explore the streets of Simgyesinchon.

It was here that Palm Oil realized the global popularity of ‘I Live Alone’ and palm oil. Wherever I go, locals recognize me and welcome me. Na-rae Park and Jang-woo Lee enjoyed Taiwanese MZ culture while communicating with local fans thanks to ‘human translator’ Jeon Hyun-moo. Palm Yuzu also took pictures with Taiwanese fans and provided heartwarming fan service. They also experienced a new world of desserts by eating sweet potato balls, which they had waited a long time to taste.

Lee Jang-woo prepared a unique course for his older brother and older sister, who were sweating all day. It was the ‘shampoo massage’ that was popular in Taiwan. The three people experienced ‘paradise’ while receiving massages from beauticians. The hairdressers made people laugh by creating shampoo art using foam. Park Na-rae raised expectations by revealing that she got the idea for the hairstyle to be shown at this year's Entertainment Awards here.

Feeling much more refreshed after the shampoo massage, Palm Oil entered Taiwan's largest night market, 'Feng Jia Night Market', the final stop of the third palm oil seminar. As I entered the night market filled with the smell of food and people, my enthusiasm for learning about palm oil also skyrocketed. Palm Yuz's happiness index also reached its peak as it started with instant grilled shrimp and developed a 'night market vibe'.

The three went into research mode, holding various foods purchased at the night market, sitting in a place filled with Lee Jang-woo's memories, and toasting 'Dowon Resolution' every time they ate. Na-rae Park, who felt like she was back in her 20s, said, “It was the best of the three seminars. He praised it, saying, “It was a comforting trip.” Jangwoo Lee expressed his gratitude to his brother and sister who enjoyed this seminar and wished for the longevity of palm oil.

The '3rd Palm Oil Seminar in Taichung', which lasted for 2 days and 1 night, received favorable reviews from viewers who said 'Palm oil is, after all, palm oil.' Palm Yuz gave viewers a lot of laughter for a year. During the broadcast, Jeon Hyun-moo said, “Palm oil does not end this year. “Palm oil activities will continue in the future,” he said with a wink.

In addition, Lee Jang-woo agreed to continue his palm oil activities but reduce his weight, saying, "I am being asked by drama production company representatives how long I will continue to do palm oil and to return to my main job." Na-rae Park suggested the body profile of Palm Yuz. Jeon Hyun-moo said, "It will be around summer. It's time to take off," but then corrected it to "late summer," raising expectations for Palmuse's new project.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google