Lee Joo-myeong, catharsis in the wrestling world
Lee Joo-myeong, catharsis in the wrestling world
‘All-rounder’ Yeoju’s appearance.

Lee Joo-myung plays the female protagonist Oh Yoo-kyung in ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand' (directed by Kim Jin-woo, written by Won Won-jeong), and she is clearly showing her presence by raising curiosity about her identity from her first appearance.

In episode 2, which aired on the 21st, Lee Joo-myeong took office as the head of the management team of the Geosan County Office Ssireum team, which was on the verge of disbandment, and brought catharsis to the cold sand with his sharp game analysis skills as well as his ability to easily subdue a player who treated him as an outsider with his skills. Announced the appearance of an all-rounder.

Joo-myeong Lee's ability to digest lines, freely using standard language and dialect, added to the confusion of viewers who were immersed in 'Finding Oh Du-sik', and also enhanced the taste and fun of Cha-jin's lines at the same time. Lee Joo-myung's natural dialect acting from Busan also doubles the character's charm.

Lee Ju-myeong coldly responded "No" to Baekdu's (played by Jang Dong-yoon) question, "Are you really Oh Doo-sik?" After hearing the news of Baekdu's retirement, he said, "If I were Oh Doo-sik, I would have broken his head." , He is active in all directions, perfectly expressing the character of Yoo-kyung, who is like Doo-sik and not Doo-sik, pouring out a rapid-fire dialect that starts with, "You're the one who's shaking."

In particular, it is said that Lee Joo-myeong showed his passion to the fullest by meeting an active wrestler and learning techniques to perfect Oh Yoo-kyung's character. While Lee Joo-myeong's lively acting, which has been shown since the first week of the broadcast, is expected to bloom even more as the episode progresses, attention is being paid to whether Oh Doo-sik, who everyone is talking about, and Oh Yoo-kyung, who seems to be keeping a secret, are the same person.

The drama ‘Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM on ENA.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google