Lee Joo-seung, realistic Gyeongsang-do dialect
Lee Joo-seung, realistic Gyeongsang-do dialect
Actor Lee Joo-seung returned to the small screen with ‘Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand’.

In ENA's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand' (written by Won Won-jeong / directed by Kim Jin-woo / planned by KT Studio Genie, produced by Ace Story), which was first broadcast on the 20th, Lee Joo-seung gave a passionate performance as Jo Seok-hee. Geosan District Police Officer Jo Seok-hee is Kim Baek-du's (Jang Dong-yoon) best friend and is in charge of all matters in Geosan without any incidents.

On this day's broadcast, a glimpse of the two sides of charm was depicted: Jo Suk-hee, full of humanity, and Jo Suk-hee, a police officer full of passion.

Although he bickers with his close friend, Kim Baek-doo, whenever he meets him, he shows off his charm by being a friend who supports his wrestling career more than anyone else. On the contrary, as a keen and sharp police officer, he struggled with the mysterious incident that occurred in Geosan, which had always been peaceful, raising curiosity about the incident.

In particular, viewers' attention was focused on Lee Joo-seung's perfect synchronization with Jo Seok-hee's character. He showed off his unrivaled presence by expressing the natural and realistic Gyeongsang dialect and a somewhat loose character with detailed acting.

Attention is being paid to what kind of new side Lee Joo-seung, who plays a character with various charms who bring laughter and calm healing, will show through 'Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand.'

Meanwhile, ENA's 'Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand' airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google