Lee Chan-won responds to Lee Jeong-ha's love call
Lee Chan-won responds to Lee Jeong-ha's love call
Singer Lee Chan-won responded to Lee Jeong-ha's love call.

In KBS2's 'Newly Released Pyeon Restaurant (hereinafter referred to as Pyeon Restaurant)', which will be broadcast on the 22nd, the daily life of Chan-won Lee, a chef who eats well and lives well on his own despite having a busy schedule enough to be called the 'King of Events', will be revealed. In this process, Lee Chan-won, a polite young man, is known to give a warm greeting to the 'Pyeon Restaurant' family members, including Lee Sang-yeop and Lee Jeong-ha, raising curiosity.

During a recent studio recording of 'Pyeon Restaurant', manager MC Boom took out his cell phone and said, "I received a welcome call." With everyone's attention focused on what was happening, MC Boom's manager made a video call to Lee Chan-won, who was unable to join the studio recording due to his schedule. As soon as Lee Chan-won answered the phone, he said, “I wanted to go to the studio, but it’s too bad.”

What particularly attracted attention was the conversation between Lee Chan-won and Lee Jeong-ha. The two people who first greeted each other through video told each other that they were fans and continued to bow their heads in turns. Due to the never-ending greetings, the 'Pyeon Restaurant' family joked, "I can only see the top of my head because they are greeting each other." Lee Jeong-ha cutely asked, "I always enjoy watching your performances. Can you make me some pork cutlet later?" In response, Lee Chan-won invited him without hesitation, saying, "I'll do whatever it takes. Please come to my house." The conversation between the two polite and cute young men brought about a warm smile.

Meanwhile, Lee Chan-won did not forget to congratulate her husband-to-be, Lee Sang-yeop. Lee Chan-won said to Lee Sang-yeop, "Congratulations on the good news. If you need a congratulatory song, please call me anytime." It is said that the smile did not leave Lee Sang-yeop's face after Lee Chan-won's congratulations.

Meanwhile, the VCR released on this day will reveal Lee Chan-won's sweet potato recipe, as well as a super simple soy sauce egg rice recipe that will be popular among students living alone, and Chan-won's side dishes made with chicken. In addition, the story of Lee Chan-won's school days, who was different from the beginning, is revealed.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google