Shin Hyun-bin found out about Jung Woo-sung's ex-girlfriend
Shin Hyun-bin found out about Jung Woo-sung's ex-girlfriend
The shadow of reality fell before Jung Woo-sung and Shin Hyun-bin.

In episode 8 of Genie TV's original 'Tell Me You Love Me' released on the 19th, Cha Jin-woo (played by Jung Woo-sung) and Jeong Mo-eun (played by Shin Hyun-bin) were depicted facing a test amid deepening emotions.

On this day, former lover Song Seo-kyung (played by Kim Ji-hyun) mentioned Cha Jin-woo's secret work as Dino. He suggested, “I will help you breathe and communicate with many people through your work.” He added, "It's not just for you. There's no reason to miss out on such a great artist when it's right in front of you," adding that he hopes the first exhibition he plans after returning to Korea will be Cha Jin-woo's solo exhibition. After sending Song Seo-kyung off without delaying his answer, Cha Jin-woo was caught up in complicated feelings.

However, Cha Jin-woo's feelings for Jeong Mo-eun did not waver. It was only in the moments with Jeong Mo-eun that Cha Jin-woo was able to smile. Meanwhile, the two witnessed a student being assaulted by a classmate. The victim showed hostility toward Cha Jin-woo, who came to stop the fight, and even hurt Jeong Mo-eun.

In fact, a student who had already encountered Jinwoo Cha a few times thought that he was pretending not to know that he was being bullied by his friends. It was a misunderstanding that arose because they did not know that Cha Jin-woo was deaf. To Cha Jin-woo, who said there was nothing he could do about this, Jeong Mo-eun expressed her regret, saying, "It's a misunderstanding that arises because you think everyone can hear. It's not your fault." However, Cha Jin-woo has already lived under people's misunderstanding for a long time. He only gave a resigned answer, saying it was easier to let people misunderstand.

There were moments that were not okay for Cha Jin-woo as well. By chance, Cha Jin-woo and Jeong Mo-eun have a drinking party with Oh Ji-yu (played by Park Jin-joo) and Jeong Mo-dam (played by Shin Jae-hwi). When Jeong Modam learned that Cha Jin-woo, who was introduced as her older sister's lover, was deaf, she did not hide her discomfort. A few days later, I met Jeong Mo-eun's parents, who had suddenly arrived in Seoul. His parents also could not hide their embarrassment when they saw Cha Jin-woo.

Cha Jin-woo returns home alone, barely introducing his name, let alone having a conversation. Just as I was having trouble falling asleep until late at night, Jeong Mo-eun came to visit. Jeong Mo-eun smiled awkwardly, saying, “I can’t wait until tomorrow. I miss you so much,” and then immediately turned around. Cha Jin-woo went out with him to see him off. At some point, Jeong Mo-eun's eyes showed regret. Cha Jin-woo responded with a deep kiss to the sincerity that was conveyed more clearly than any other word or sentence. The sight of these people reaffirming their feelings in the reality surrounding them made even the viewers feel sad.

The gazes of reality that approached Cha Jin-woo and Jeong Mo-eun were not cold, but worried and concerned. Meanwhile, Jeong Mo-eun has now found out about the past relationship between Cha Jin-woo and Song Seo-kyung. Attention is being paid to whether the hearts of two people who reached each other through difficulty will be able to continue to connect.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google