'Yoo Yeon-seok♥' Oh Hye-won, even though she was pregnant, her husband is a serial killer
'Yoo Yeon-seok♥' Oh Hye-won, even though she was pregnant, her husband is a serial killer
Actress Oh Hye-won is attracting attention with her powerful performance that heightens tension in the TV original series 'The Day of Unlucky Misdiagnosis'.

TVING's original series 'Unlucky Misdiagnosis Day' (directed by Gamseong Lee, written by Minseong Kim, Hanna Song, planned by Studio Dragon, produced by The Great Show, Studio N, provided by TVING) is about an ordinary taxi driver, Oh Taek (played by Lee Seongmin), who offers a high price to a Mukpo-bound customer. This work depicts the story of a person who starts a journey of fear while picking up (played by Yoo Yeon-seok) and realizes that he is a serial killer.

This work, which is based on the popular original webtoon of the same name, completes a well-made genre work by incorporating new characters and expanded stories that are not in the original work, and is attracting attention by drawing a warm response, including ranking first in the number of paid subscription contributions upon release. .

Among these, Oh Hye-won, who plays the role of 'Roh Hyun-ji' in the play and shows her performance in a thrilling development by being involved in the central case of the play with Lee Byung-min (played by Yoo Yeon-seok) and Oh Taek (played by Lee Seong-min), is attracting the public's attention. . She was completely immersed in the role of Noh Hyun-ji, portraying the character in an attractive way and adding fun to the role by taking on an important role at the right time.

Noh Hyun-ji, played by Oh Hye-won, is Lee Byung-min's wife in the play. In episodes 9 and 10 of 'Unlucky Misdiagnosis Day', which aired on tvN on the 18th and 19th, Noh Hyun-ji was seen learning the identity hidden behind Lee Byung-min's friendly face. .

Noh Hyun-ji took care of Lee Byung-min, who was seriously injured in Oh-taek's attack and was hospitalized, and suddenly wondered why this had happened. Noh Hyun-ji, who had been at a loss after hearing Lee Byung-min say that it was just the work of a crazy person, later found it strange when Kim Jung-min (played by Jeong Man-sik) came to the hospital room, convinced that Lee Byung-min was the culprit, and asked where Go Chae-ri (played by Ki Eun-soo) was.

Afterwards, Noh Hyun-ji, who left the hospital at the advice of Lee Byeong-min and his mother to stay at his parents' house, did not go straight to his parents' house, but headed home, saying he had something to take care of. As I was leaving the hospital room, I felt something strange after hearing what Lee Byeong-min and his mother were saying. Accordingly, Noh Hyun-ji tried to open the safe in Lee Byeong-min's room, and was surprised to find that the safe's password was Geum Hyeok-soo's birthday, and at the same time was shocked to see Polaroid photos of the dead people collected inside.

At that time, Noh Hyeon-ji was kidnapped by Oh-taek, who suddenly attacked her house, and was on the verge of death as a result of Oh-taek's revenge. Meanwhile, Oh Hye-won delicately portrayed the emotions and inner self of the frightened character, from her breathing to her eyes and tone of voice, heightening the excitement. It provided catharsis through a sense of immersion.

In this subtle tension, Oh Hye-won changed the long question marks into exclamation points. Attention is being paid to what kind of acting he will continue to do in the future and what new acting he will show, as he is receiving a lot of favorable reviews for his presence and passionate acting that enriched the work in an exciting development.

Meanwhile, TVING's original series 'Unlucky Misdiagnosis Day' is streaming in its entirety through TVING.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google