Jo Hyun-ah reveals the 3-story mansion that Suzy also visited
Jo Hyun-ah reveals the 3-story mansion that Suzy also visited
Seongbin Yoon and Hyunah Jo presented fairytale-like memories to global fans.

In the tvN entertainment show 'What Should I Say' that aired on the 18th, Yoon Seong-bin and Jo Hyun-ah spent intimate time with fans in a rural village and at their home, respectively. The two stars completely hit the fan hearts with a course that was 100% focused on the fans' wishes.

First, when her fan Fernando said that he wanted to go to the filming location of the YouTube channel 'Cho Hyun-ah's Thursday Night', Jo Hyun-ah invited her to the 3rd floor mansion and surprised her by personally preparing everything from the mountain and sea food to the first snow. Not only did they cook seaweed stew to let him experience Korean food, but they also installed a snowflake machine for Fernando, who had never seen snow before.

In particular, the scene where the first snow of Fernando's life falls on the two people sitting side by side in front of the brazier doubled the warmth. Fernando, who looked as bright as a child, and Jo Hyun-ah, who said she was sorry that her eyes were fake, gave a warm feeling to the viewers.

In addition, the rapport between musician Cho Hyun-ah and Fernando, who dreams of becoming a musician, attracted attention. When Fernando revealed his affection for Jo Hyun-ah's lyrics, Jo Hyun-ah burst into tears and revealed her deep feelings about venting her emotions through singing. Meanwhile, Fernando felt the efforts of his role model, Jo Hyun-ah, toward music and expressed his gratitude, saying that he would also try to pursue his dream.

The story of Yoon Seong-bin and fan Stephanie, who enjoyed the romance of the countryside experience through 'village + vacation' in Yeongju, continued. The two people, who exuded friend-like chemistry through the fantastic Tiki Taka, also attracted attention by showing their depth.

As the temperature dropped, Seongbin Yoon gave Stephanie his jacket and calmly talked about his goals while eating. Above all, he encouraged Stephanie to be confident as she confessed her worries about life, making us feel that the two had quickly become closer despite the short time together.

In addition, Seongbin Yoon brought out an object gift with the meaning of happiness and wished for Stephanie's happiness. Seongbin Yoon was at a loss as he didn't know what to do with Stephanie crying, causing both emotion and laughter.

‘What Do I Say’ airs on Mondays at 8:40 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google