Park Jihoon vs Park Jihoon
Park Jihoon vs Park Jihoon
A comprehensive preview video for KBS2's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata' has been released.

On the 19th, 'Fantasy Sonata' released a comprehensive preview video that gives a preview of the unrivaled atmosphere. 'Fantasy Sonata' is a fantasy historical drama romance that moves between a man with two conflicting personalities and a woman who loves him, between fresh love and fierce obsession. It is based on the popular webtoon of the same name.

Previously, 'Fantasy Sonata' quickly emerged as the most talked-about work of 2024 through its unique setting of a love triangle between young actors with bright personalities, veteran actors with a long history, and a main character with multiple personalities. A comprehensive preview of 'Fantasy Sonata' is expected to be produced by actors with diverse charms, including Park Ji-hoon (as Sajo Hyeon and Akhee), Hong Ye-ji (as Yeonwol and Gye-ra), Hwang Hee (as Sajo Yung), and Ji-woo (as Geumhwa). The video is released and attracts attention.

The released trailer tells the story of Crown Prince Sajo Hyeon, his second personality Akhee, and Yeonwol, a woman whom the two men love. The fast-paced video of about 50 seconds stands out with the excellent performances of the main actors and the perfectly synchronized visuals that seem to have been ripped from the original.

In particular, the fierce conflict between two personalities fighting over the same body, and the narrative of a woman conflicted between revenge and love, attract viewers even more. In the video, Yeonwol warns, “No matter who you are, the point of my sword will be pointed at you,” and as if responding to this, the voice that mutters, “Everything is useless without you,” raises a new question mark as to who is Sajo Hyeon or Akhee? .

‘Fantasy Sonata’ is the sequel to ‘Wedding Battle’ and will premiere at 10:10 pm on January 2, 2024.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google