Kim Tae-won discovered cancer while filming, “Lee Kyung-gyu is a lifesaver”
Kim Tae-won discovered cancer while filming, “Lee Kyung-gyu is a lifesaver”
Resurrection Kim Tae-won reveals a touching story related to Lee Gyeong-gyu.

The 636th episode of KBS2's 'Immortal Songs', which will be broadcast on the 16th, will feature the 'Celebrity Special Lee Gyeong-gyu episode'.

'Immortal Songs' has continued to feature celebrities, starting with a special feature on actor Go Doo-shim in October 2020. Following Go Doo-shim, golfer Pak Se-ri, DJ Lee Geum-hee, and actor Choi Bool-am were planned to share the stories and philosophies of celebrities who conveyed extraordinary emotions to the public and held a meaningful contest.

Lee Gyeong-gyu is the fifth protagonist of the 'Immortal Songs' celebrity special, and is a self-proclaimed entertainment godfather who has been respected by juniors in the entertainment industry for 42 years. Since his debut in 1981, Lee Kyung-gyu has been consistently loved by the public and has been giving the public a refreshing cider smile with the concept of 'screaming' and 'screaming'.

In this 'Celebrity Special Lee Gyeong-gyu', the best singers in each field, including band, rock, ballad, trot, and idol, participate in the contest and show off their skills. Resurrection, Hong Kyung-min, Hwang Chi-yeol, Nam Woo-hyun, Na Tae-joo, Ahn Seong-hoon, Sonic Stones, and Hi-Key will perform a new stage with their own unique charm.

Kim Tae-won, who is in the midst of a double resurrection, reveals his special relationship with Lee Gyeong-gyu. Previously, Lee Kyung-gyu and Kim Tae-won appeared together on the KBS2 entertainment show 'Happy Sunday - Qualifications of a Man', and Kim Tae-won's cancer was discovered through a health checkup during the filming of the broadcast. At that time, Lee Gyeong-gyu gave Kim Tae-won sincere comfort and courage, and even stayed with him during the surgery, leaving a great impression on him. In response, Kim Tae-won said, “To me, Lee Gyeong-gyu is, in a word, a lifesaver,” and expressed his still-unwavering gratitude.

In this special feature, a special stage for Lee Gyeong-gyu is expected to attract everyone's attention. MC Shin Dong-yeop said, “A very special guest came to see ‘Immortal Song.’ “It was really difficult to get this person,” he said, adding, “Lee Kyung-gyu is someone I really respect and love,” stimulating many people’s curiosity. MCs Kim Jun-hyeon and Lee Chan-won in the talk waiting room also said, “We don’t have any information either,” and opened their eyes in surprise with curiosity. It will be revealed through the broadcast who the special guest will be at 'Immortal Songs' to dedicate a tribute stage to Lee Kyung-gyu.

‘Immortal Songs – Celebrity Special Lee Gyeong-gyu’ will air part 1 on the 16th, followed by part 2 on the 23rd.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google