Kwak Jin-young "I can't open my eyes to the side effects of plastic surgery"
Kwak Jin-young "I can't open my eyes to the side effects of plastic surgery"
Actor Kwak Jin-young confessed that he made an extreme choice due to the side effects of plastic surgery and the victim of stalking.

Kwak Jin-young, the original nation's younger sister, appeared on MBN's 'Scoop World', which aired on the 14th. On this day, Kwak Jin-young revealed his side as a businessman by unveiling the kimchi factory that has been in operation for 13 years.

Kwak Jin-young received a lot of love as the nation's younger sister by appearing as the youngest daughter Jong-gi in the 1992 drama 'Sons and Daughters', which had a viewership rating of over 60%. However, he has now quit acting and has been running a kimchi factory for 13 years.

He revealed that the reason he suddenly left the entertainment industry was because he had side effects from plastic surgery in the past. Kwak Jin-young said, “At that time, I asked for big eyes like Uhm Jung-hwa. I hated the cute image of ‘Jongjomi’. However, so much tissue was cut that I couldn't open my eyes. I had to go to the hospital a lot because my surgery was wrong. As a result, I ended up taking a break of six months or a year,” he explained.

Kwak Jin-young is said to have suffered from social phobia and depression due to this incident. He said, “What do you do when you think about the past? You have to think about the present. “When I think about yesterday, I get depressed and can’t live,” he said. “Happiness isn’t far away. It’s in the ordinary. It’s nice to smell like a person, and I met someone like that today too. I’m tired, but I’m also proud. In my own way, I’m happy where I am right now.” said.
Kwak Jin-young "I can't open my eyes to the side effects of plastic surgery"
Kwak Jin-young "I can't open my eyes to the side effects of plastic surgery"
He, who is currently single, also confessed to being stalked by a fan for four years. Because of this, Kwak Jin-young even made an extreme attempt in 2020.

Kwak Jin-young’s younger brother said, “He came to the store and spied on my sister, found out my and my mother’s numbers, and sent unspeakable curses. “My older sister even tried to go to extremes because she thought it would be easier if I were gone for the sake of the family,” he explained. Kwak Jin-young’s mother also shed tears, saying, “I never imagined that I would feel like that after taking medicine.”

Kwak Jin-young said, “I should have quit if I said I didn’t like it, but they keep calling me. Even now, my teeth are shaking. “It was too painful to live,” he said. The stalking man was arrested and indicted in November 2021 on charges of home invasion, defamation, and violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection. Although he was released after serving 1 year and 6 months in prison, he is said to still be by Kwak Jin-young's side.

Kwak Jin-young revealed that she currently has a boyfriend who she has been dating for two years. He said, “He is a person who thinks about me a lot. I always come first. He expressed his affection by saying, “He’s on my side.” Although he said he was seriously considering marriage, he was having a hard time making a decision because he did not want to leave his mother's side. Jinyoung Kwak said, “Family is like my heart. “I don’t think I have any meaning without my family,” he said.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google