Jeon Hyun-moo, the man who chose work over marriage
Jeon Hyun-moo, the man who chose work over marriage
Jeon Hyun-moo is responsible for making viewers laugh every week.

Despite diversified entertainment material and rapidly changing trends, Jeon Hyun-moo has established an unrivaled presence and is active in broadcasting channels including the three terrestrial broadcasters, cable channels, and general programming channels. The 'Jeon Hyunmoo Universe', an 'all-rounder' MC who covers everything from Monday to Sunday, and who is showing remarkable results with endless fun and endless challenges every day, is a hot topic.

#Jeon Hyun-moo’s warm wind advisory is in effect from Monday to Wednesday

Thanks to his familiar charm, Jeon Hyun-moo has been delivering healthy laughter and information through JTBC's 'Talk Partner 25:00' and tvN SHOW's 'Freehan 19', programs that the whole family can comfortably watch starting Monday. On Tuesday, you can check out Jeon Hyun-moo's witty remarks on SBS's 'Strong Heart VS', a talk show that is leading changing broadcasting trends such as 'short form' and 'balance game'. On Wednesday evening, through TV Chosun's 'Dad and Me', he showed off his outstanding insight and deep empathy as a family observation entertainment MC, signaling the smooth start of the program.

#Pay attention to Jeon Hyun-moo’s unrivaled entertainment skills from Thursday to Saturday!

On Thursday, U+ Mobile TV and KBS2's 'Search Me' is being broadcast, giving a glimpse into Jeon Hyun-moo's challenging spirit in pursuit of new fun such as talk, observation camera, mission performance, and psychological warfare. The charm of Yongin celebrity 'Fubao' who took Korea by storm. There is SBS's 'Fubao and Installment', which is delivered with clean hosting and vivid realism by 'Teminnam' Jeon Hyun-moo. Next, in the Friday-Friday relationship counseling program ENA and Channel S' Ultimatum: Romance Around the Globe, Jeon Hyun-moo's cool-headed advice and flexible agility are leaving a deep impression on couples who are in danger of breaking up.

#Preheating for ‘Jeon Hyunmoo Universe’ to begin again on Sunday!

On Sunday, you can get a glimpse of the 'Jeon Hyun-moo Universe' warm-up time. First, KBS 2TV's 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears' looks into the exciting world of 'Gap' and lifts and lowers the studio with insightful quotes and hosting skills. In addition, in Channel A's 'Please Tell Me Your Grades: Teachers', Jeon Hyun-moo's deep experience as a living witness of entrance exam education has a special lingering effect not only on students, but also on office workers and parents, raising expectations every week.

In this way, in the balance between existing and new programs, Jeon Hyun-moo is performing well on the basis of wide tolerance, ingenious ideas, and agile execution, and is having a busier year-end than anyone else, to the point where he is mentioned as a candidate for various year-end awards ceremonies.

From Monday to Sunday, entertainment and cultural programs that give a glimpse of Jeon Hyun-moo's endless passion and sense of entertainment can be binge-watched through VOD replays and OTT streaming on various channels.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google