Park Jihoon vs Park Jihoon
Park Jihoon vs Park Jihoon
The second teaser for KBS2's 'Fantasy Sonata', which contains a swirling story, has been released.

On the 14th, KBS2's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata' released its second teaser video. 'Fantasy Sonata' is a fantasy historical drama romance that moves between a man with two conflicting personalities and a woman who loves him, between fresh love and fierce obsession. It is based on the popular webtoon of the same name.

Previously, the first teaser video showing the chemistry between Park Ji-hoon (as Sa Jo-hyeon and Ak-hee) and Hong Ye-ji (as Yeon-wol and Gye-ra), and the character teaser video that encapsulates the complex intertwined stories of the two characters were released sequentially. Furthermore, with the release of two types of posters containing the colorful moods of the two main characters in a heart-wrenching romance, expectations have reached their peak, and the second teaser video of the day is also revealed, causing viewers to become overly immersed.

The released teaser stimulates interest by depicting the tense confrontation between Prince Sajo-hyeon, who has a dual personality, and Ak-hee, who is trying to monopolize even his ego. The sight of him calling another personality who shares the same body a 'demon' and shouting, "How can you break through my body?" is an unusual confrontation between two men whose relationship will go beyond simple internal conflict and into a romantic rivalry. implies. In addition, Park Ji-hoon's outstanding performance, which changes from his eyes to his tone of voice as his personality changes, is revealed in only about 40 seconds of video, arousing admiration.

Meanwhile, the appearance of Yeonwol, who became the embodiment of revenge to avenge the fallen family, also catches the eye. Through Yeonwol's solemn monologue, "Get your mind right. I'll definitely get revenge," we can guess that she is an unfortunate person who has to put a knife in the back of the man she loves. Attention is being paid to what kind of performance Hong Ye-ji, who has the freshness of a rookie and stable acting skills, will show, and what the romance she will create with a man with two personalities will look like.

‘Fantasy Sonata’ is the sequel to ‘Wedding Battle’ and will premiere at 9:45 pm on January 2 next year. Episodes 1 and 2 will be broadcast consecutively in the first week.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google