Lee Ji-ah, first meeting with Kang Ki-young
Lee Ji-ah, first meeting with Kang Ki-young
JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Awesome Solver' took the first step toward a solution, starting with script reading.

On the 13th, JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Awesome Fixer' revealed the script reading site. ‘Awesome Fixer’ is a drama about Korea’s best divorce resolver Sara Kim (played by Lee Ji-ah) and smart lawyer Dong-jun Dong (played by Kang Ki-young) who come up with fearless solutions for justice and retribution.

Lee Ji-ah and Kang Ki-young are expected to show a refreshing cider story by teaming up as realistic heroes who will end the problematic marriages of their clients. Meanwhile, the script reading scene, which was amazing from the first interaction, was revealed.

On this day, the script reading was attended by director Park Jin-seok, who directed the production, and writer Jeong Hee-seon, who wrote the script, as well as Lee Ji-ah (as Sarah Kim), Kang Ki-young (as Dong Ki-jun), Oh Min-seok (as Noh Yul-seong), Na Young-hee (as Chairman Cha), and Kim Seon-young (as Son Jang-mi). The main characters of the drama, including Lee Tae-gu (played by Kwon Dae-gi), Seo Hye-won (played by Kang Bom), etc. gathered together. The faces of the actors who would be working together showed excitement, passion, and pleasant tension.

Once the full-fledged script reading began, the actors quickly became deeply immersed in their respective characters and worked together. As the actors' performances matured, the excitement at the scene also increased. Lee Ji-ah, who played the role of divorcee Sarah Kim, led the flow of the play with her unrivaled atmosphere and energy. When listening to the client's story, he used empathetic eyes, and when acting out the action in the passage, he used light hand gestures and gestures to bring life to the lines.

Kang Ki-young seemed to be assimilated into Dong-jun Dong-jun's character, the advisory lawyer of 'Solution' and a shepherd who won't let go once bitten. The clear and cheerful tone in which he delves into the case, and even his sad smile gave the feeling that Dong-Jun Lee had jumped out of the script, adding vitality to the script reading site. In particular, Lee Ji-ah and Kang Ki-young vividly expressed the subtle tension between Sara Kim and Dong-jun Lee, who gradually become closer while solving each case one by one. The cooperative play of those who punish their evil spouses also made me curious about the performance of the two actors.

Meanwhile, Oh Min-seok portrayed the dual aspects of the character Noh Yul-seong, Sara Kim's ex-husband. Although he pretended to be a talented person with manners on the outside, he doubled the tension by showing the other side of the character with deep inner desires. On the other hand, Kim Sun-young played the role of Son Jang-mi, the CEO of the divorce resolution company Solution, and showed off her cheerful potential with Lee Ji-ah. She performed the fast-paced tiki-taka without interruption, foreshadowing a strong womanhood with Sarah Kim.

The actors' passion for capturing the character's characteristics and narrative in their lines drew attention to the truly 'awesome' acting synergy just from reading the script. Expectations are already high for 'The Awesome Solver', which will provide a variety of fun with the solid acting of the actors, from a refreshing revenge story to a romance.

‘Awesome Solver’ will premiere on January 31, 2024.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr
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