Rowoon announces breakup with Jo Yi-hyun
Rowoon announces breakup with Jo Yi-hyun
Rowoon announced his breakup with Jo Yi-hyun.

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, on the 13th, the 13th episode of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Battle', which aired the previous day, recorded 4.4% nationwide and 4.6% in the metropolitan area, ranking first in Monday-Tuesday dramas for three consecutive weeks.

On this day's broadcast, the situation after Jeong Soon-deok (played by Jo Yi-hyeon) and Shim Jeong-woo (played by Rowoon) kissed was included. Shim Jeong-woo was worried about Jeong Soon-deok when he delivered the news that night, Jo Young-bae (played by Lee Hae-young) and Park Bok-ki (played by Lee Soon-won) would be arrested for murder.

At the same time, Park Bok-gi found a portrait of Jeong Soon-deok in Sim Jeong-woo's house and was excited to tell Mr. Park's wife (played by Park Ji-young) that he could punish Sim Jeong-woo for conspiring with a married woman. However, at this time, Jeong Sun-gu (played by Heo Nam-jun), the Hanseongbu police officers, and the Uigeumbu guru Park Bok-ki was accused of murdering Lee Cho-ok (played by Yang A-reum), and Cho Young-bae (played by Lee Hae-young) was accused of murdering Mrs. Yoo and committing suicide by accusing her of receiving bribes, heightening the tension. And Mrs. Park locked Jeong Sun-deok, who returned late at night, in a separate building and warned her that she did not know if she could trust you anymore.

Sim Jeong-woo joined forces with the king to induce Jo Yeong-bae and Park Bok-gi to commit murder, but Do Seung-ji (played by Seo Jin-won) appeared just in time, and the court lady of the East Palace, who had been given poison by Jwasang, woke up, and the sword shaman whom he had been secretly looking for was also arrested on Mt. Jiri. It was reported that he was being transported to Hanyang, putting Sim Jeong-woo and the king in an awkward position. Moreover, when Do Seung-ji pointed out Sook-bin Park (played by Park Hyeon-jeong) and Jinseong-gun as the masterminds behind the traitorous plot, and submitted an appeal requesting a magistrate (treating criminals who were to be killed, the king would pour poison to kill himself), the Dongno faction began to stir. .
Rowoon announces breakup with Jo Yi-hyun
Rowoon announces breakup with Jo Yi-hyun
Mrs. Park had the audacity to organize a meeting for the old women of the East, to which she even invited Sim Jeong-woo. She made Sim Jeong-woo sit at the head of the table and made a bombshell remark, "Captain Gyeong Woon-jae here will clear up any misunderstandings." In addition, Mrs. Park suggested to Sim Jeong-woo that they make a deal instead of helping the king's plan, and said, "If our family is destroyed for treason, my daughter-in-law will not be safe either. Do you mind? Don't you love my daughter-in-law?" He stabbed Sim Jeong-woo and embarrassed him.

On the other hand, Soon-deok Jeong was instructed by Mrs. Park to control Mrs. Jeong (played by Hyun-joo Woo) to prevent the marriage of Cho Ye-jin (played by Oh Ye-joo) and Lee Si-yeol (played by Son Sang-yeon) from going wrong, and then met with Mrs. Jeong to confirm their marriage. Soon-deok Jeong told Sim Jeong-woo that Mrs. Park would resolve the matter, but Sim Jeong-woo was frustrated as he recalled that he had even made a deal with Mrs. Park not to meet Soon-deok Jeong.

On the same evening, Jeong Sun-deok received the order from Mrs. Park to take the mysterious pills in the sarangbang and Park Bok-gi's meals and drinks, and Mrs. Park handed them to Park Bok-gi. Mrs. Park then went to Jo Young-bae with Sook-bin Park and encouraged Jo Young-bae to commit suicide (take his own life), but when Jo Young-bae refused, she pretended that Jo Young-bae committed suicide and lost his life. Park Bok-ki, who died of unknown causes the next day, and Jo Young-bae, who died voluntarily, were each found not guilty of Lee Cho-ok's murder and not guilty of treason.

Jeong Soon-deok was astonished that Mrs. Park disposed of Park Bok-gi and Jwasang to prevent extinction, but was shocked to hear that she had helped him too. Meanwhile, Shim Jeong-woo was also shocked to hear from Mr. Cho's wife (played by Choi Hee-jin) that she had previously told him to forget about Jeong Soon-deok because the woman would be humiliated and angry if the relationship between Jeong Soon-deok and Shim Jeong-woo became known, and that the two were clearly not meant to be. received.

Mrs. Park said that Jwasang's will was to allow Dr. Maeng's three sisters to celebrate their weddings with her own daughters, and she appealed to the king for permission to quickly finish Jwasang's funeral and hold her daughter's wedding, which was granted. Sim Jeong-woo told the king that Mrs. Park's appeal was intended to show the health of the family, and cast doubt on him by asking him not to approve the marriage annulment appeal he had filed even if the wedding was successful.

That night, Sim Jeong-woo, who was climbing the wall of Jwasang's house, met Jeong Soon-deok on the wall who was climbing over the wall from the inside and hugged her, causing excitement. However, Jeong Soon-deok asked, “Did you miss me that much?” Sim Jeong-woo heightened the ominous atmosphere by suddenly saying, "The reason I climbed over the wall was not because I wanted to see my wife. I went there to tell her not to send me any more letters." Moreover, Sim Jeong-woo looked at Jeong Sun-deok resolutely, saying, "Just as you said, my heart has become quiet. I no longer love you." Accordingly, Soon-deok Jeong decorated the ending with a breakup that caused an earthquake in the pupils.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google