The Golden Girls stands tall as a new 5th generation girl group
The Golden Girls stands tall as a new 5th generation girl group
'The Golden Girls were shown perfectly adapting to K-pop culture as 5th generation new divas by perfectly handling the diverse idol schedule.

The ratings for the 6th episode of 'Golden Girls' rose vertically, exceeding 4% nationwide and 4.4% in the metropolitan area amid intense interest from viewers. Additionally, the highest viewer rating soared to 6.2%. (Based on Nielsen Korea)

The 6th episode of KBS2's 'Golden Girls' (directed by Yang Hyuk/written by Choi Moon-kyung), which aired on the 8th (Friday), depicts the 'Golden Girls' members going from their commute to 'Music Bank' to their debut stage in a smooth process to target the 1020 generation. lost.

Park Jin-young revealed his full-fledged 'trend Golden Girls' strategy, saying, "The number of singing performance videos is exceeding 1 million," which surprised even him with the popularity of the 'Golden Girls'. In the process, when Park Jin-young explained the dance challenge culture, Insooni slapped her knee and said, “It’s a joke!” “Dance Poomasi~” he helped them understand and made them hold their belly button.

Next, Park Jin-young presented the Golden Girls with 'Music Bank' rehearsal name tags, which are like a badge of K-pop singers. He took out a name tag with his name written on it and said, "I prepared it because I didn't know if we would end up together as a substitute for 5 minutes," and said, 'Golden Girls'. He made people laugh by revealing his ambition to become the fifth member.

At the training camp, the members celebrated Park Mi-kyung’s birthday. The members had time to strengthen their teamwork by blowing out the candles on the cake together and making wishes. Shin Hyo-beom expressed his determination to win the Rookie of the Year Award by saying, “I should win the Rookie of the Year Award before I turn 60,” and Insooni also expressed his passion for winning the ‘Golden Girls’ Rookie of the Year Award by saying, “I won the Bonsang, but I couldn’t win the Rookie of the Year Award.”

Starting with photos on the way to work at Music Bank, the members began their full-fledged idol schedule. As soon as rehearsals began, she showed off her professional appearance and powerful live performance as a new diva, receiving a standing ovation from senior idols.

Next, 'Golden Girls' cheered as they were asked to do a dance challenge by two teams, including 'Zero Base One' and 'The Boys'. 'Zero Base One' asked the Millstone Sisters for a dance challenge. 'Zero Base One', who had previously seen the Golden Girls' rehearsal stage, told the members that they gave them a standing ovation, saying, "It was like watching a concert."

Accordingly, Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom participated in the challenge with 'Zero Base One' and enthusiasm with a proud heart. In particular, 'Zero Base One's Hanbin and Taerae made everyone laugh as they took on the challenge by showing big smiles throughout the detailed point choreography explanation, which was quite different from Park Jin-young's class.

Park Mi-kyung and Lee Eun-mi also started a dance challenge with 'The Boys'. Park Mi-kyung and Lee Eun-mi, who entered the Idol Challenge sacred site 'Stairs' with 'The Boyz', who volunteered to be their No. 1 fans, showed their excitement by 'The Boyz' momentary copy dance. In particular, Lee Eun-mi, who usually showed no confidence in dancing, presented the point choreography of 'One Last Time' to 'The Boys' in a completely different way.

In particular, Park Jin-young, who transformed from producer Seongdeok to comeback singer, asked Shin Hyo-beom to do a sexy couple dance, and Shin Hyo-beom readily accepted as if he had been waiting, drawing attention. Shin Hyo-beom showed a sexy groove like a fish in water with the pelvis shaking dance during the couple dance movement and received a standing cheer from the members.

In response, Shin Hyo-beom said, as if it were natural, “I didn’t even wash my hair yesterday, and you’re doing this behind her,” and Jin-young Park looked embarrassed, saying, “It’s today’s broadcast, so you washed your hair?” In response to Park Jin-young's words, Shin Hyo-beom showed his cool side by saying, "Yesterday's blow-dry was so pretty that I didn't dry it today," and knocked down Park Jin-young, making the scene burst into laughter.

After the couple dance with Shin Hyo-beom, Park Jin-young transformed into Park Jin 'Sook' and conducted the 'One Last Time' challenge with Insooni. Park Jin-young, who has revealed his ambition to become the fifth member of the 'Golden Girls' from creating the 'trending Golden Girls', showed off the choreography that he had honed on his own in one take with Insooni, making everyone cheer.

Jinyoung Park congratulated the Golden Girls, who perfectly succeeded in three dance challenges on their first entry into Music Bank, by saying, “We have finally entered the K-Pop singer scene.” Accordingly, the Golden Girls perfectly performed their first debut on Music Bank as 5th generation new divas amidst everyone's support and blessings.

After the broadcast of 'Golden Girls', various online communities and SNS said, "The sisters are so attractive, showing off their various charms," "It's so obvious, but they're really good at singing. The Golden Girls are so good," and "The more I look at the Golden Girls, the more they are so pretty, lovely, and cool. As expected. The show is beautiful", "It's a show my mom likes so I'm happy too. I think my mom regained her energy while watching this show. She likes it like a girl.", "I'll support the Golden Girls passionately. They're the best", "Park Jin-young is really unconventional. Comments poured in after watching, such as “It’s cool because it feels like you’re trying to make your dream come true.”

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google