Lee Se-young and Bae In-hyuk hug
Lee Se-young and Bae In-hyuk hug
Lee Se-young and Bae In-hyuk created a creepy fateful ending where the past and present are repeated.

The 5th episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Yeolnyeo Park's Contract Marriage', which aired on the 8th, recorded 7.4% nationwide, 7.2% in the metropolitan area, and 1.6% in the 2049 viewership rating, based on viewership rating research company Nielsen Korea, breaking its own highest viewership rating yet again. showed it In particular, the highest viewership rating per minute soared to 9.1% in the scene where Kang Tae-ha (played by Bae In-hyuk) collapses.

On this day's broadcast, Kang Tae-ha recognized that Park Yeon-woo (played by Lee Se-young) was from Joseon, and a crisis was depicted in the contract marriage between Park Yeon-woo and Kang Tae-ha. When Park Yeon-woo, who had fainted, woke up, Kang Tae-ha treated Park Yeon-woo's wounds, and Park Yeon-woo also expressed his gratitude by applying ointment to Kang Tae-ha's injured area. Park Yeon-woo asked Kang Tae-ha about the tombstone in the forest while hiding the story about Cheonmyeong (played by Lee Young-jin), but Kang Tae-ha showed his concern by telling Park Yeon-woo not to go alone as it was a dangerous place. The next day, grandfather Kang Sang-mo (played by Cheon Ho-jin), who met Kang Tae-ha, encouraged Kang Tae-ha to send Park Yeon-woo back to Italy and told him about the unusual actions of Min Hye-sook (played by Jin-kyung).

At the same time, Park Yeon-woo told Sa-wol (played by Joo Hyun-yeong) about meeting Cheonmyeong as a way to return to Joseon, but Sa-wol shocked Park Yeon-woo by claiming that the answer was to marry the modern-day Kang Tae-ha, who looks exactly like Joseon's Seobangnim, and have a first night. did. Meanwhile, Kang Tae-ha tried hard to confirm that Park Yeon-woo was really a woman from Joseon, including checking the CCTV of the hotel swimming pool where Park Yeon-woo was drowning, and Park Yeon-woo played the role of daughter-in-law at Kang Sang-mo's house and caused a series of accidents, causing laughter. Next, Park Yeon-woo encountered Kang Tae-ha while hanging laundry in the garden of Kang Sang-mo's house, and Kang Tae-ha said, "I was just looking at you, Park Yeon-woo from Joseon." Park Yeon-woo was moved by the fact that he believed what he said and hugged Kang Tae-ha.

However, due to Min Hye-sook's scheme, rumors related to Park Yeon-woo suddenly spread, putting Kang Tae-ha in a crisis, and as a way to solve this problem, Kang Tae-ha poured out his passion to hold a one-year anniversary exhibition with Hanbok brand Midam. On the day of the meeting with Midam, Park Yeon-woo gifted Kang Tae-ha with embroidery on the shirt that Kang Tae-ha was planning to throw away, and Kang Tae-ha wore the shirt and headed to the office, feeling a strange feeling. And Kang Tae-ha was informed by Hong Seong-pyo (played by Jo Bok-rae) that an emergency executive meeting had been convened today, and then went through embarrassing situations, including being asked questions about his marriage and Park Yeon-woo from reporters.

While Park Yeon-woo was at Kang Tae-ha's house with Sa-wol, he found Midam's corporate analysis document that had fallen under the kitchen and visited Kang Tae-ha's company to deliver the document. At this time, the reporters who followed Kang Tae-ha also followed Kang Tae-ha's wife, Park Yeon-woo. Park Yeon-woo left with the help of Kang Tae-min (played by Yoo Seon-ho), who was looking around the company, but was shocked when he saw Midam CEO Lee Mi-dam (played by Kim Yeo-jin), who looked exactly like his mother, and ran after him.

Meanwhile, Lee Mi-dam declared that she would refuse official collaboration with SH, putting Kang Tae-ha in an awkward position, but Kang Tae-ha held on to Lee Mi-dam out of a sense of sorrow. At this time, Lee Mi-dam couldn't take her eyes off the embroidery on the shirt that Kang Tae-ha was wearing under his suit, raising questions. However, the moment Kang Tae-ha and Lee Mi-dam were together, Park Yeon-woo appeared and ran towards Lee Mi-dam, calling her “mother,” and hugged her and sobbed. Afterwards, at an emergency executive meeting hosted by Min Hye-sook, with executives pouring out complaints against Kang Tae-ha, Kang Tae-ha appeared with Lee Mi-dam and announced that Midam would be in charge of the 1st anniversary exhibition, surprising everyone.

In the last scene, when Park Yeon-woo saw the silver plaything handed to him by Hong Seong-pyo, he expressed his doubts, saying that it was the place where the blood of the Joseon Dynasty's master was stained. At that moment, a pear long leaf in Park Yeon-woo's room withered and fell, casting a feeling of anxiety. At the same time, it shows Kang Tae-ha suddenly complaining of heart pain, Park Yeon-woo's Joseon western lady, Kang Tae-ha, coughing up blood and collapsing, and Park Yeon-woo looking at the silver plaything with a surprised face.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google