'Sweet Home 2' Chae Won-bin, humanizing cats
'Sweet Home 2' Chae Won-bin, humanizing cats
Rookie Chae Won-bin caught the eyes of viewers in Season 2 of Netflix's 'Sweet Home'.

As interest is rising due to the feast of newly introduced characters in the expanded worldview of 'Sweet Home' Season 2, Chae Won-bin's performance is also attracting attention. Chae Won-bin, who debuted with the web drama 'Secret Secret' and later gained popularity with the web drama 'Twenty Twenty' and received attention for her 'Gen Z' taste sniping visuals, has grown by accumulating experience in numerous works. Movie ‘Witch (魔女) Part 2. In 'The Other One', he played the role of the leader of the TOW 4 members, showing intensity and attracting the attention of the audience, emerging as a promising star. After a fierce audition, she was cast as 'Hani' in Season 2 of Netflix's 'Sweet Home', and received praise for successfully completing the challenge of playing a character with a mysterious three-dimensionality.

Chae Won-bin, who transformed into 'Hani', exudes charisma with a languor reminiscent of a cat, doubling the charm of 'Sweet Home' Season 2. In addition, ‘Hani’ and ‘Wang Ho-sang (played by Hyeon Bong-sik)’ work well together to bring laughter. The brightness of talking about what you want without hesitation like a child aroused the interest of viewers. In particular, the part where he went straight ahead without hiding his affection for ‘Park Chan-young (played by Jinyoung)’ was enough to make his mother smile. In addition, the scene where he cries and laughs while hallucinating is painful, but it also increases concentration on the drama and gives a glimpse of his inner strength.

As the character sometimes shows emotional ups and downs, Chae Won-bin thought about it from various angles. In order to express rapidly changing emotions, I decided not only to use the tone of the dialogue, but also to use a girl's eyes that sparkle when she sees something she likes, but then quickly change to an empty look. Also, as I ran fiercely for survival, I ran to express the character in a different way than before, taking into account the movements of the body that react immediately when it sees or feels something. Chae Won-bin's efforts and unique charm are creating a synergy effect, garnering favorable reviews and favor from global viewers.

While 'Sweet Home' Season 2 presented strong character traits, in the recently aired seventh one-act drama 'Confession Attack' of KBS Drama Special 2023, he played the role of 'Kang Kyeong-ju', a senior in his later years, and won the hearts of viewers with visuals and acting optimized for campus dramas. I put it. He perfectly portrayed a soft campus romance and proved that he has the spectrum to play a variety of characters. Chae Won-bin's agency, Outer Universe, said, "Because acting skills cannot be outstanding from the beginning, the unique charm of a new actor is important. However, Chae Won-bin had good balance from the start, and as time goes by, she is discovering many aspects of her uniqueness. He added, “I’m an actor who has a lot to show yet, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, in a world where desire becomes a monster, Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang), who leaves Green Home and fights his own way to survive in a new home, the survivors of Green Home, the appearance of another being, and unknown mysterious phenomena. Season 2 of 'Sweet Home' was released worldwide on the 1st and is streaming on Netflix.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google