'Nego King' confirmed the production of season 6 and selected Hong Hyun-hee as MC.
'Nego King' confirmed the production of season 6 and selected Hong Hyun-hee as MC.
A&E Korea's digital studio, Dallas Studio, announced on the 30th that it has confirmed the production of Season 6, the new season of 'Nego King', and selected Hong Hyun-hee as MC.

Nego King is aiming to be released early next year. The new season will maintain the existing concept of the Nego King conveying consumers' opinions to companies and negotiating benefits such as prices, but will make a clear change in the composition of the content.

Hong Hyeon-hee took over as MC, continuing from last season. Last season, Hong Hyun-hee showed what sincerity is by doing her best by going out on the consumer side and doing her best. Through this, it provides not only fun but also emotion, and received full support from subscription kings, such as 'Hong Hyun-hee unconditionally next season' and 'Recognition of the best negotiation king ever'. In particular, he overwhelmed even the brand king with logic and persuasion through thorough preliminary research, earning him the reassuring nickname 'Nego Gangster'. Costumes based on the concept of each item also became a point of observation. Accordingly, expectations are already high to see what kind of performance he will perform in Season 6.

Nego King attracted attention every season in a way that no one had tried before, such as introducing a season system, which is rare among web entertainment, and selecting MCs for each season. It is not only fun, but also has a win-win structure for both consumers and brands, making it a representative commerce web entertainment in name and reality.

A&E Korea CEO So Young-seon said, “We are happy to present a new season with Nego King as the representative killer content that best shows Dallas Studio’s identity, ‘We are different.’” “Dallas Studio is launching a new season in line with the slogan ‘We are different.’ plans to attempt another groundbreaking change. “Through this, we hope to bring laughter and benefits to more people, so please show your interest.”

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google