'Steel Unit 3' 707 wins in the first round of the finals, receiving strong benefits
'Steel Unit 3' 707 wins in the first round of the finals, receiving strong benefits
707 and HID continued their fierce battle in the blockbuster-scale finals, showing their unwavering commitment to winning the final.

In the 11th episode of Channel A and ENA's entertainment show 'Steel Unit 3', which aired on the 28th, 707 and HID faced off in the first round of the finals, 'Integrated Mobile Shooting', and 707 won and received the powerful benefit of 'nullifying one gunshot wound'. The scene unfolded. In addition, HID entered the final round of the finals, 'Operation to Rescue the Summit Leader', and showed the true value of 'counter-terrorism'. Although there was only one episode left until the announcement of the final winning unit, the tension and immersion reached their peak as the two units fought in a breathtaking battle.

Previously, 707 team leader Hong Beom-seok and HID team leader Kang Min-ho faced each other in the first round of the finals, 'Integrated Mobile Shooting', 'Pistol Shooting', and only announced the results. On this day, Master Youngjae Choi announced, “Minho Kang was 7 seconds faster than Beomseok Hong, so HID won.” Then, the second round of 'passage clearing rifle shooting' began, and 707's Yo-han Oh and Yu-seok Lee, and HID's Ji-yoon Park and Dong-gyu Lee sortied. Among them, Oh Yo-han and Lee Yu-seok entered the mission first. The two members divided their roles and cleared the mission stably, laying the foundation for a turnaround. Following them, Park Ji-yoon and Lee Dong-gyu, who had a fantastic chemistry as shooting teacher and disciple, went on a mission. The two impressed with their accurate shooting skills and quick passage opening in the early stages. However, in the last course, the 'long-distance shooting' section, Lee Dong-gyu panicked, saying, "I think the gun's zero point is wrong," and then eliminated the target in four shots, causing some delay. As a result, HID was overtaken by 707 by 16 seconds in the combined record of rounds 1 and 2.

The next day, the two units gathered at the heliport for the final round of the first round of the finals, 'sea infiltration sniping'. In this round, in which helicopters and ships were mobilized, 707 had Park Chan-gyu and HID had Go Ya-yung competing. Among them, Go Ya-yung got on the helicopter first and started the mission by rappel crossing in the middle of the sea. At the mission scene reminiscent of a blockbuster movie, studio MC Kim Hee-cheol gaped and said, “I can’t believe I saw something like this in our country’s entertainment show,” and Master Choi Young-jae emphasized, “This is a first in Korea.”

After rappelling across the river, Ko Ya-yung swam through the strong waves and obtained a sniper rifle on a buoy. He climbed the net ladder and climbed into the trap. However, his forearm muscles were strained, and he showed signs of difficulty as he took the sniping stance on top of the trap. Nevertheless, he gave people goosebumps by eliminating a maritime target at a distance of 150 meters and an aerial target at a distance of 200 meters in just three shots each. Although Park Chan-gyu also had a hard time on the top line using a net ladder, he hit the sea target with just two shots and the air target with only three shots, like Go Ya-yung. In a closely contested situation where it was difficult to predict the outcome, Master Youngjae Choi announced, “707 won by just 5 seconds in the first round of the finals, ‘Integrated Mobile Shooting.’” As a result, 707 won benefits for the first time and gained a more advantageous position in the second round of the finals.

The second game of the finals, the final battle for the final championship, was the ‘Summit Key Rescue Operation’. In this operation, which is a 'counter-terrorism mission', HID decided to deploy Kang Min-ho and Go Ya-yung as the 'cover team' and Park Ji-yoon and Dong-gyu Lee as the 'bomb disarm team' to minimize gunshot wounds as there is no 'time attack'. He then pledged, “I will repay the debt I owe to 707 (for defeat) by winning,” and then boarded a helicopter and headed to the summit venue, where state leaders were being held hostage by an international terrorist organization.

When the gate opened, the count of the bomb vest worn by one of the hostages began, and the terrorists launched a merciless attack. Here, a situation occurred where the lift with the person tied up went up into the air. However, HID calmly subdued the terrorist and rescued the first person. Afterwards, they moved to the top truck and broke the iron door, safely rescuing the second person. With momentum, Park Ji-yoon and Lee Dong-gyu tried to enter the skywalk where the bomb vests were activated, but a large number of hidden terrorists appeared and a fierce battle broke out. Team leader Kang Min-ho saw this and ended the crisis by using his wits to shoot at the terrorists' feet. Afterwards, Park Ji-yoon and Lee Dong-gyu quickly disarmed the bomb vest worn by the third hostage and successfully rescued the suspects within the 20-minute time limit.

However, an additional mission was immediately issued: “Rescue the remaining elements from the terrorist base on the third basement floor.” In particular, four members of the previous season of 'Steel Forces' were deployed here as 'special forces mercenaries', and the studio MC Corps, who confirmed this, collectively shouted in surprise, "This is awesome!" Regarding this, Master Youngjae Choi said, “We have realized the viewers’ wish for special forces to fight each other. “We fight equally, 4 to 4,” he explained. MC Yoon Doo-jun said, “This is actually the main part of the second round. “I think there will be a great scene,” he said, immersing himself in it.

HID entered the terrorist base and calmly eliminated the terrorists until they reached the entrance of the base where booby traps were installed. Here, Kang Min-ho decided that a bold breakthrough would result in less gunshot wounds, and he pushed open the door. However, the booby trap was activated, and terrorists flocked in from all directions. Moreover, an imminent situation occurred in which the members were exposed to a terrorist who suddenly opened the door and came out. While curiosity is rising about how HID will overcome this crisis, the results of HID and 707's 'Summit Key Rescue Operation' are scheduled to be revealed next week.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google