Chae Ri-na, "After Ji-hye Lee disbanded, she was in tears and wanted to continue running the shop."
Chae Ri-na, "After Ji-hye Lee disbanded, she was in tears and wanted to continue running the shop."
The five ‘Hangout Sisters’ showed off their ‘best friend chemistry’ and ‘no-filter conversation’ from their first meeting.

In the first episode of the E Channel/Channel S entertainment show 'Playing Sister', which aired on the 28th, the powerful first meeting of the five members Chae Ri-na, Lee Ji-hye, Ivy, Narsha, and Choa was depicted. As befits 'legends of the music industry', they united in a medley of hit songs and showed off their continued excitement and talent. In addition, they honestly revealed their turbulent life stories, starting from their debut in the music industry, and showed deep emotion and sympathy by supporting each other.

On this day, the youngest Choa drove her own car and went out to pick up her ‘sisters.’ Every time they got into the car one by one, they automatically sang each other's hit songs, raising tension even before they arrived at the accommodation. In addition, Chae Rina, who is preparing for her second child, Lee Ji-hye, a mother of two children, and Narsha, who has been married for 8 years, shared stories about obstetrics and gynecology from the beginning to enlighten Ivy and Choa, who are single. Finally, Chae Rina asked, “Do Ivy and Choa have boyfriends?” and Lee Ji-hye said, “Sister, don’t ask me that. “Look at ‘Idol Singles,’ which features people who are openly dating,” he refrained.

Amidst pleasant chatting, the five people who arrived at the accommodation had brunch time in the garden. At this time, Lee Ji-hye asked Ivy why she appeared on 'Hangout Sister', which was difficult to see on entertainment shows, and Ivy, who was the only 'solo singer', revealed her dream of living in a group, saying, "I wanted to be dragged around by my sisters." He also said, “I thought I was being a ‘gwanjong’, but I guess I’m not,” and became very polite in front of Lee Ji-hye, which made people laugh.

After a while, Chae Rina asked about each person's debut story, and Choa, who said, "I debuted as a girl group at the age of 21," surprised everyone by saying, "I worked part-time when I was a college student and ranked first in Seoul with my IPTV sales performance." . Since then, the five members have risen to the top of the music industry, but they also honestly shared their struggles with burnout and slumps. In particular, Choa said, “I took too much rest for three years. “From now on, I will create Leeds,” he said, strengthening his resolve.

After a heartwarming brunch, the five people began a quiz mission to learn more about each other. At this time, the production team asked, “Why was Chae Ri-na chased by the police during her school days?” and “What did Choa do with the 20 million won she saved from her part-time job before her debut? It was raised as a difficult question, but unexpectedly, the answers poured in and the scene was devastated. Finally, Chae Rina said, “Isn’t it just stones and children? “I think it will be difficult for the wound to heal for a while,” he complained, bringing a salty laugh.

After the quiz, there was a mission to re-enact hit song choreography with dinner snacks. Here, the five members are highly motivated, and they have released many songs ranging from Lula's 'Lovers' released in 1997 to Shop's '100 Day Prayer' (2001), which swept the 2000s, Ivy's 'Sonata of Temptation' (2007), and Brown Eyed Girls' 'Abraca'. Even current girl groups presented dance parades that would make you cry, including ‘Dabra’ (2009) and AOA’s ‘Heart Attack’ (2015). In the middle of the stage, Lee Ji-hye got hit on the arm by a drone that flew at her, eliciting an enthusiastic response from Ivy, saying, “The entertainment gods are helping.”

As the night deepened, the five people held a 'Madang Oke' (madang + karaoke) party. While drinking and dancing, Lee Ji-hye cheered up by saying, “Haven’t we all gone through a difficult time at least once?” and Narsha said, “I quit all media and music until a year or two ago. “I was no longer moved by my songs,” he confessed of his slump. Ivy also recalled a past in which she had tormented herself, saying, “Ever since I was young, I had a strong desire to be recognized, so I couldn’t endure mistakes.” Narsha received applause by adding, “With my passion to continue making music, I overcame this and released a solo album after 13 years.” Ivy also showed a more mature side, saying, “I am praising myself for setting small goals and implementing them every day.”

Lee Ji-hye and Chae Rina were the ones who stood by each other during difficult times. Chae Rina said, "Ji-hye contacted me when she was having a hard time. I still remember her crying because she had no one to call. So I called Yuri and told her that I should help her. You told me you wanted to continue running the shop." revealed.

Chae Rina then expressed her gratitude, saying, "Before I got married to my husband, when I had a bad accident (a stabbing), Jihye contacted me. She told me to contact her whenever I was having a hard time."

Choa, who was listening to her sisters' stories, said, "In the past, I thought the people who were currently popular were the most amazing, but these days, I think the people who bounce back even if they slip from the top are the most amazing." Lee Ji-hye offered warm consolation, saying, “A greater person than that is the person who holds on until the end,” adding, “I feel sorry for Cho-ah because she is very bright, but she seems to be trying too hard.” Chae Rina also said, “When Choa enters the second half of her life, look back and see who will survive. “You will definitely be there,” he said reassuringly. Choa shed many tears in response to the sincere support of her legendary seniors, who are still receiving love in their respective positions.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google