Kim Jun-ho "I'm so happy that I got caught dating Kim Ji-min"
Kim Jun-ho "I'm so happy that I got caught dating Kim Ji-min"
Comedian Kim Jun-ho made people laugh with his witty remarks.

Kim Jun-ho had a delightful talk full of laughter with luxury ballader Kim Beom-soo and Gummy on the SBS entertainment show 'Shoes Off, Single for Men' (hereinafter referred to as 'Single for Men'), which aired on the 28th.

When Kim Jun-ho heard that Lee Seung-cheol, who had appeared in the past, had reported that the concert was sold out after the broadcast of 'Single for Men', he made people laugh by asking the two guests if they came out for the concert.

When Tak Jae-hoon placed him in the singer line along with Kim Beom-soo and Gummy, Kim Jun-ho said, "As you know, I stood shoulder to shoulder with Gummy," and expressed his pride in singing the congratulatory song after Gummy during the wedding ceremony of Seven and Lee Da-hae. However, his brothers acknowledged him. He burst into laughter because he did not receive it.

Kim Jun-ho, who said it was difficult to sing with his own voice that did not imitate, was interested in studying the vocalization method of spiders, and expressed the concerns of a lover, saying, “Jimin hates this kind of voice,” and jokingly asking, “Are you meeting Jimin yet?” I was shocked.

On the other hand, Kim Jun-ho embarrassed his brothers by proudly singing Lin's 'My Destiny', confusing it with 'OST queen' Gummy's 'You Are My Everything', and kept laughing while asking what the title of Gummy's song sung by Tak Jae-hoon was. caused.

When Kim Beom-soo, who had only been dating secretly for 20 years of his career, said that he wanted to date confidently like Kim Jun-ho, the members criticized him for not being confident. In response, Kim Jun-ho was embarrassed by his brothers' criticism, saying, "I'm so happy that you got caught."

Next, a duet song contest was held in the corner of the room. Kim Jun-ho burned his enthusiasm in the competition over Lee Sang-min's high-quality liquor, and sang 'Wounds Deeper Than Love', a duet with Lee Sang-min, with a drunken singing style, while also breaking into Tak Jae-hoon and Lim Won-hee's song and singing with intoxicated singing, making everyone laugh. I was hugged.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter
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