Kang Su-ji "Kim Gook-jin, calls me puppy"
Kang Su-ji "Kim Gook-jin, calls me puppy"
Kim Kook-jin and Kang Su-ji reveal their sweet married life for the first time. This is the first time the two have appeared together on a married reality show.

Kim Kook-jin and Kang Su-ji, who first appeared in the video released by the production team of Season 2 of TV Chosun's entertainment show 'Joseon's Lovers' on the 28th, exuded the sesame salt scent of the famous 'Lovers'. First, Kang Su-ji introduced herself, saying, “This is Kim Kuk-jin’s wife, Kang Su-ji,” and Kim Kook-jin said, “I am Kim Kook-jin, who lives in the same house as Kang Su-ji, who seemed to know love but finally found out.”

The two people, who rarely introduced each other as a 'couple', could not hide their embarrassment throughout. Meanwhile, Kim Gook-jin said, “When you spend time with Suzy, it’s fun to walk around and even watch her move. “This is the first time in my life that I even feel upset,” he said, revealing his extraordinary affection for his wife.

Kim Gook-jin's nickname for Kang Su-ji was also revealed, causing shock. Kang Su-ji said, “I just call her honey, but Kook-jin calls me ‘puppy,’ so I’ve never heard the name Su-ji. Even when we’re talking about something serious, Kook-jin explains, ‘This is what a dog is.’” It was revealed that even marital fights do not easily occur because of nicknames. Kim Gook-jin was embarrassed by Kang Su-ji's explanation and tried to open the window, saying, "Is summer coming now?", turning the scene pink.

Kim Kook-jin and Kang Su-ji, who decided to appear on a couple's reality show for the first time after getting married, are not only hired as new studio MCs for Season 2 of 'Joseon's Lover', but also show off their sweet married life through VCR, coloring the end of the year with a happy virus. Is expected. Season 2 of ‘Joseon’s Lover’ is scheduled to air in December.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google