Is Lee Chan-won’s rest area coming into existence?
Is Lee Chan-won’s rest area coming into existence?
'Talk Partner 25 Hours' captures the special charms of the Philippines, Germany, the United States, and Japan.

JTBC's 'Talk Partner 25 Hours', which aired on the 27th, featured a live-action version of the Netflix series 'Squid Game', a trip to the Philippines via LAN cable, and a 'World's Rest Area Special' held in Germany, the United States, and Japan. Guest Sandara Park appeared and added to the fun with her honest remarks. The broadcast viewership rating on this day was 3.3% in the metropolitan area and 3.0% nationwide (based on Nielsen Korea paid households).

-The new TALK member introduced the history and spa experience of a LAN cable trip to Manila, Philippines, as well as a restaurant that Sandara Park recognized as part of the Dara tour course. The cast showed great interest in the Dara tour, which Sandara Park offers as a full course to her acquaintances. Sandara Park said that anyone can join Dara's tour if they become close friends with her, and that they can become friends if they see each other every day for two years, but said that she would run away from unnatural encounters, making the studio burst into laughter.

Tokpawon from the Philippines left a strong impression by visiting a spa that uses a cauldron as a bathtub and heats the water with a wood fire. The method of floating water with natural ingredients such as ginger and lemon and adding firewood as soon as the water temperature drops was reminiscent of the indirect experience of boiling the water, which made people laugh. At the same time, the open natural view beyond the cauldron aroused admiration.

In the 'Talk Partner World Exploration Life' corner, a 'World's Rest Area Special' section was held. The rest area that Germany's Tokpawon arrived at after driving along the world's most famous highway, the Autobahn, provided a fresh attraction as a futuristic rest area that supplied energy through a solar power generation facility on the roof of the parking lot and was capable of recharging natural gas, electricity, and even hydrogen.

Next, while American Talk Agent announced rest areas in the United States, the studio's attention was caught by the name of Jon Bon Jovi's rest area in New Jersey, USA. After hearing that it was named after the vocalist of the American rock band Bon Jovi, Alberto suggested building a rest area for Lee Chan-won as well. MC Jeon Hyun-moo responded by saying, "Lee Chan-won's rest area only sells pottery pots. Chanttobaegi," causing laughter.

Japanese Tokpawon attracted attention with its 360-degree sea view and delicate(?) mukbang at Umihotaru Rest Area, the only seaside rest area in the world. Jeon Hyun-moo claimed that his taste expressions have improved after learning his reactions from him, and Japanese Talk Partner also acknowledged this, surprising MCs Kim Sook and Julian.

Tokpawon also continued eating at a rest area that looked like a replica of an Edo period building from the exterior to the interior. Among the dishes ordered, udon caught my attention as it was made of a single noodle 2.5cm thick and 55cm long.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google