I said, “As long as it’s pink,”… Lee Eun-mi, wearing hot pink and rocking ‘twinkle’
I said, “As long as it’s pink,”… Lee Eun-mi, wearing hot pink and rocking ‘twinkle’
KBS2's 'Golden Girls' Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi renewed their legend once again on the unit duet stage, proving their golden momentum.

In the 3rd episode of KBS2's 'Golden Girls' (directed by Yang Hyuk, writer Choi Moon-kyung), which aired on the 17th, Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom were shown as 'Rookie Sisters', and Park Mi-kyung and Lee Eun-mi as 'Mimi Sisters' preparing for their first duet performance. In particular, the full stages of Insooni and Park Mi-kyung's 'Touch My Body' and Shin Hyo-beom and Lee Eun-mi's 'Twinkle' were released, giving thrilling eardrum pleasure to home theaters on Friday.

Starting with morning exercise, the 'Golden Girls' members started running on the mountain behind. Park Jin-young passed on his running know-how to Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom, who seemed to be having a hard time, saying, "You need to run with strength in your stomach." In response, Insooni said, "Are we filming a morning exercise program?" and made Park Jin-young laugh. Nevertheless, Park Mi-kyung, who could not help Park Jin-young, who did not give in, turned his attention by saying, “Shall we take a picture?” To which Park Jin-young said, “Let’s make a sign too,” and pointed her finger at G, named after the English letter G from ‘Golden Girls’. We created special memories by signing autographs and taking group photos.

Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi, who entered a full-fledged dance class, were depicted entering into endless repetitive practice to perform live and resonated with viewers. Park Mi-kyung, who arrived first and was waiting for Lee Eun-mi, was satisfied to see Lee Eun-mi fully prepared and started the 'Twinkle' dance class together. Eun-mi Lee looked sloppy, as if she had a breakdown in a difficult movement that required her to bounce her pelvis along with her hands, and Mi-kyung Park, who was watching from the side, said, “I think it will give people hope. “He dances like that too, so why can’t I do it?” he said, causing a sea of laughter with a quick diss.

Meanwhile, Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom's dance class was not easy. Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom made full preparations to focus on dance class, including taking off their glasses along with the spoon microphone. However, when the dance class actually started, Insooni said, “(We are) two stones,” and Shin Hyo-beom also said, “It’s okay, we can do it. “My sister can do it too, but if I can’t do it, it won’t work,” she said, showing her endless practice as if grinding like a millstone to show the perfect combination.

As the 'Golden Girls' members' lunch time approached, Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi ate together, made self-dissing comments about their choreography, and burst into laughter with the fantastic tiki-taka.

Next, choreography lessons with Park Jin-young began. Park Jin-young was surprised by Park Mi-kyung and Lee Eun-mi’s dancing and said, “I was so worried. “I’m afraid it’s my sister’s body,” he said, making the scene burst into laughter. Jinyoung Park then entered a lecture on walking theory, saying to Mikyung Park and Eunmi Lee, “The thing that looks the least good is the gait,” and Mikyung Park and Eunmi Lee drew cheers as they demonstrated power walking, which had been changed by instructor Jinyoung Park.

Meanwhile, Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom showed Park Jin-young the choreography of 'Touch My Body' that they had been practicing. In response, Jinyoung Park said, “You’re much better than I expected,” and began giving specific feedback on the song’s key point, ‘butt dance.’ In response, Shin Hyo-beom expressed his difficulties by saying, “The song was shaking,” and as soon as Park Jin-young heard Shin Hyo-beom’s words, he surprised everyone by coming up with a clear solution, saying, “Try lying down with your knees up.”

Jinyoung Park and Monica were surprised by the hip outfits of the 'Golden Girls' members on the duet stage, which became the gateway to teamwork. In the funky and trendy see-through outfits of Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom, who played the role of 'Rookie Sisters', Park Jin-young repeatedly said, "This is absolutely ridiculous," and Monica said, "You're really, really pretty." In addition, Eun-mi Lee, who made everyone laugh by choosing a stage costume with Mi-kyung Park and firmly refused, saying, “It doesn't have to be pink,” surprised everyone at the scene by walking in wearing a pink jumpsuit with Mi-kyung Park, who was wearing a pink miniskirt as part of the ‘Mimi Sisters.’ did.

The first duet performance of the 'Golden Girls' members began with the presence of original singers Girls' Generation's Tiffany Young and SISTAR's Soyou. Lee Eun-mi of 'Mimi Sisters', who was on stage for the first time, gave a touching scene by hugging the back of Park Mi-kyung, who was trembling with tension, but actually made everyone laugh by saying, "Should I give you a slap to make her come to her senses?" Soon, Park Mi-kyung and Lee Eun-mi's 'Twinkle' began. Mi-kyung Park and Eun-mi Lee presented a perfect live performance with elegant walking and performance that they constantly refined, giving everyone a standing ovation.

Immediately after the performance, Eunmi Lee said, “It was so difficult. “Still, there is joy in moving your body,” he said, surprising everyone by revealing the struggle between joy and embarrassment. In response, Park Jin-young was impressed by Lee Eun-mi's perfect choreography and her passionate talent, and Park Mi-kyung attracted attention by confessing, "I secretly gained energy by watching Eun-mi's movements." By working with Eunmi Lee, I was able to relieve the pressure I had as a dancing diva. In response, Park Mi-kyung said, “I was grateful that Eun-mi told me to let go of everything and have fun,” and added, “I never dreamed I would talk like this.” She was moved by the sight of Park Mi-kyung and Lee Eun-mi coming together as the ‘Mimi Sisters.’

This was followed by the performance of ‘Touch My Body’ by Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom, who played the roles of ‘Rookie Sisters’. Park Jin-young, who felt an unusual momentum in Shin Hyo-beom's performance from the personal inspection stage, expressed high expectations for Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom's 'Touch My Body'. In response, Insooni and Shin Hyo-beom, who headed to the stage wearing heavier shoes, presented the stage with a stage that felt like a musical and even showed off a clever ending pose. In response, Soyou said, “It’s a song that sounds very boring when performed as a band, but you filled it all with your voice, so I kept dancing with excitement.” Tiffany Young also said, “I was so energized that I wondered if I could go see this for free.” expressed.

Park Jin-young was also impressed by their vocal volume and said, “The volume was something I didn’t expect or expect. “Afterwards, I was listening to the song,” he said, adding high praise to their fantastic chemistry and live performance. Park Mi-kyung watched the ‘Rookie Sisters’ stage and said, “We are Mimi’s team and a rookie team, but I thought, ‘These people are my team,’ and they look forward to us in the future. “I was moved to tears because it felt like I was seeing it in advance,” he said, moving everyone.

Meanwhile, Park Jin-young gave everyone goosebumps by introducing the song that the 'Golden Girls' members, who had finished their duet performance, would perform in the next chapter as a complete group of Golden Girls. Park Jin-young introduced Miss A's 'Goodbye Baby' by saying, "This is a song for the four of us to work together on before releasing the new song. It contains a lot of the most necessary elements for us to prepare for that stage." The sight of the 'Golden Girls' members in shock as soon as they heard the song made people laugh, raising expectations for the fantastic harmony that legendary divas Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi would show as the 'Golden Girls' team.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google