Channel A's new drama 'Man and Woman' casts Lee Dong-hae, Lee Seol, Lim Jae-hyuk, Park Jeong-hwa, etc.
Channel A's new drama 'Man and Woman' casts Lee Dong-hae, Lee Seol, Lim Jae-hyuk, Park Jeong-hwa, etc.
Actors Lee Dong-hae, Lee Seol, Lim Jae-hyuk, Yoon Ye-joo, Choi Won-myeong, Baek Soo-hee, Kim Hyun-mok, Park Jeong-hwa, and Yeon Je-hyung confirmed their appearances in Channel A's new drama 'Man and Woman'.

Channel A's new drama 'A Man and a Woman' (written by Park Sang-min/directed by Lee Yu-yeon, Park Sang-min/planned by Channel A/produced by Studio Goat, The Great Show), which is scheduled to be broadcast for the first time in December, is about to meet another person in front of a motel elevator on the night of the 7th anniversary of their meeting. It is a realistic, relatable love story of young people wandering in love and boredom, encountering each other while being with the opposite sex.

Lee Dong-hae, Lee Seol, Lim Jae-hyuk, Yoon Ye-ju, Choi Won-myeong, Baek Soo-hee, Kim Hyun-mok, Park Jeong-hwa, and Yeon Je-hyung are expected to empathize with everyone who has experienced love through their tangled stories of youth. In particular, Lee Dong-hae and Lee Seol play the roles of Jeong Hyun-seong and Han Seong-ok, a couple in a long-term relationship of 7 years, respectively, and work together in acting in a love story that is not a fantasy but reality itself.

After the 2014 drama ‘God’s Quiz Season 4,’ Lee Dong-hae appeared in the drama ‘Oh! She announced her return to the small screen as a chic and cheerful character in 'Youngsimi'. It also raises curiosity about what kind of transformation he will undergo through this ‘Man and Woman’. Lee Seol has recently strengthened his acting skills through various works such as the movie 'A Trustworthy Person', 'Flow', 'Thunderbird', drama 'DP Series', 'One Day', and 'Amanza'. Attention is focused on how Lee Seol, who boasts an unlimited acting spectrum, will unfold the realistic, sympathetic love story in 'A Man and a Woman'.

Lim Jae-hyuk and Yoon Ye-joo play the roles of Oh Min-hyuk and Kim Hye-ryeong, friends of 15 years, and their relationship develops into something more special than friendship. Lim Jae-hyuk, who left a deep impression by appearing in dramas such as 'Morning Comes Even in the Psychiatric Ward', 'I Don't Want to Do Anything', and 'My School Now', will give a passionate performance as Oh Min-hyuk, a member of the Freeta family who is not interested in employment, dating, or marriage. Yoon Ye-ju also showed unique acting in dramas such as 'New Romance Playlist', 'Welcome', 'Saimdang Light's Diary', and 'Cheese in the Trap', so her performance in 'Man and Woman' is expected.

Choi Won-myeong and Baek Soo-hee play the roles of Ahn Si-hoo and Yoon Yu-ju in the play, depicting the story of an older and younger couple. Choi Won-myeong has been active in many fields, including the recent dramas ‘CEO Dol Mart’, ‘The Fabulous’, and ‘Pang’. The point to watch is what kind of charm he will show off in ‘Man and Woman’ as he has become more solid and mature. Baek Soo-hee, who has revealed her unrivaled presence through various works such as the dramas 'Adult Children', 'Agency', 'Melodrama', and the movies 'Hot Blood' and 'Twenty', will also delicately portray an honest and realistic romance.

Kim Hyun-mok played the role of Kim Hyeong-seop, Hyun-seong's best friend, and Park Jeong-hwa played the role of Ryu Eun-jeong, Seong-ok's best friend and sportswear model. Kim Hyun-mok has left a strong impression on viewers through various works, including the currently airing drama 'Wedding Battle', 'Accidentally Encountered You', and 'Doctor Cha Jeong-sook'. Park Jeong-hwa has also established herself as an actress by appearing on the small screen, screen, and stage, including the dramas 'Mask Girl' and 'Won the Woman', the movie 'Yongrugak Series', and the play 'Special Liar'.

Lastly, Yeon Je-hyung plays the character of Kim Geon-yeop, Seong-ok's college junior and a person who falls in love with Seong-ok's chic charm and design ability. How will Yeon Je-hyung, who has shown stable acting in 'Say It's Love,' 'Do You Like Brahms?', 'Elegant Friends', and the movies 'House Above Time' and 'A Night to Remember', portray Kim Gun-yeop's character in this work? It is noteworthy.

Channel A's new drama 'A Man and a Woman', which is raising expectations due to the meeting of young actors, is a collaboration between directors Lee Yu-yeon and Park Sang-min and is scheduled to air for the first time in December.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google