The world's greatest pride has collapsed... U.S. special forces defeated by HID, eliminated
The world's greatest pride has collapsed... U.S. special forces defeated by HID, eliminated
The U.S. Special Forces were defeated by HID, the opposing unit they had pointed out, and sadly said goodbye to 'Steel Unit 3'.

In the 9th episode of Channel A/ENA's 'Steel Unit 3', which aired on the 14th, the U.S. Special Forces lost to HID in the semifinal tournament 'Operation Drug Suppression', showing HID going straight to the finals. In addition, while UDT and 707 entered the '300 kg supply march' to win the last remaining ticket to the finals, they enthralled viewers with a close match that continued to come from behind.

Previously, the U.S. Special Forces obtained the 'benefit' of 'right to decide the match' in the semifinal 'pre-mission' and pointed out HID as the opposing unit. Afterwards, the U.S. Special Forces, who launched a 'drug eradication operation', eliminated the opposing forces without hesitation and completed the mission at lightning speed. On the other hand, HID pursued a strategy that focused on safety to avoid the 'gunshot penalty' rather than speed. Studio MC Chu, who was watching this, gave a ‘thumbs up’ and said, “They are cautious like an intelligence unit.”

In particular, HID aroused the admiration of the MC corps by accurately identifying the opponent's location using only the shadow of the enemy in the container section where the opposing force was ambushed and firing accurately. In the final fierce battle with opposing forces pouring out of a mysterious vehicle, they calmly responded by firing mobile shots. After calmly all-killing the opposing forces, HID reached the finish line with drug evidence and completed the operation.

After completing the 'drug eradication operation', the two units gathered together and waited for the results to be announced. Master Youngjae Choi said, “The operational record of the U.S. Special Forces, excluding gunshot penalties, is 10 minutes and 55 seconds, and HID’s is 14 minutes and 24 seconds.” He then announced, “HID’s total number of gunshot wounds was 5, and the mission was completed in 19 minutes and 24 seconds.” HID Lee Dong-gyu said, “I have no expectations. Although he expressed his true feelings by saying, “The number of gunshot wounds (from the U.S. Special Forces) would not have been that many,” Master Youngjae Choi added, “The total number of gunshot wounds from the U.S. Special Forces was 11, with a final time of 21 minutes and 55 seconds,” and HID turned the tables. He revealed that he did it. Lee Dong-gyu said, “Are we in the finals? “I can’t believe it,” he said, adding that he was thrilled to have made it to the finals, something he had dreamed of during Season 2.

On the other hand, the US Special Forces members who left 'Steel Unit 3' bowed their heads and remained silent. Afterwards, Ian said, “It was fun. “HID was really cool today,” he said, acknowledging the opposing unit. Will also said, “I was impressed by the Korean unit every day, and I think they are truly outstanding friends,” and left with the famous saying, “Friends cannot be enemies.”

Next, the second mission of the semifinals, UDT and 707's '300 kg supply march', was held. The members of the two units, each carrying 40kg of military equipment, sprinted as soon as the starting whistle sounded. In particular, 707 team leader Hong Beom-seok went on alone without wavering despite UDT team leader Kim Gyeong-baek's 'over-face' checks. Hong Beom-seok, who ran 500 meters non-stop and was the first to arrive at the first supply point, loaded the first bag on a 20kg stretcher and quickly departed carrying the stretcher with the 707 members who arrived later. After a while, UDT followed closely behind, with 707 carrying the stretcher with a hand carry and UDT with a shoulder carry.

The two units continued to turn the tables, going back and forth, taking the spirit of the MC corps that was watching. Arriving at the second supply point almost simultaneously, UDT and 707 switched stretcher positions and marched again. Eventually, the two units arrived at IBS at the end of the sandy beach. At this time, an 'additional mission' was given to secure 120kg of additional supplies from a ship on the sea and reach the finish line, shocking everyone.

The two units on the IBS suffered a collision while paddling after launching, making my heart pound. The crew even started a war of nerves, saying, “They hit (our IBS) from behind,” and “Push the IBS (over there).” Afterwards, the UDT, which arrived at the ship first through vigorous paddling, loaded additional supplies onto the IBS and continued to strike. However, an unexpected situation occurred due to the strong waves causing IBS to return. At this time, 707 rushed close to UDT, and tension reached its peak. MC Yoon Doo-jun said, “It’s almost like a race,” and applauded the two units’ strong physical and mental strength and extraordinary teamwork. Which of the two units will win and earn a ticket to the finals will be revealed on next week's broadcast.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google