Chaeyeon "I was approached by 6 male celebrities"
Chaeyeon "I was approached by 6 male celebrities"
Kim Hyun-jung, Lee Soo-young, and Chae-yeon, the women who rocked Korea in the 2000s, appear on the SBS entertainment show 'Shoes Off, Single for Men'.

On this day, the three appeared in costumes that recreated the Y2K era, evoking nostalgia. Kim Hyun-jung, who revealed that she had a special relationship with Im Won-hee in the past, makes everyone burst into laughter by revealing that the drunk Won-hee Lim and the usual Lim Won-hee are completely different people. Also, he embarrassed Tak Jae-hoon of the world by revealing Tak Jae-hoon's past, saying, "Tak Jae-hoon was an easy man."

Next, anecdotes from legendary battles in the music industry, which was overflowing with prominent singers during the Y2K era, are revealed. Kim Hyun-jung makes people laugh by saying, 'Back then, a dance singer couldn't leave out a strong blower, and there was a time when there was a fight because of the obsession with the strong blower.' Ballad Empress Lee Soo-young reveals that she had a fierce battle with Cho Seong-mo, who was the top two ballad singers at the time, over a large-scale orchestra. Lee Soo-young said that he even brought out his final weapon, 'this', to beat Cho Seong-mo's stage, which was getting bigger and bigger, and the scene was devastated.

Chaeyeon, the original sexy icon, draws everyone's attention with her popular story about being attacked by 6 male celebrities at once. He cited regular appearances on dating programs as the secret to his popularity, and plans to reveal all the hidden behind-the-scenes stories of dating programs from that time. Chaeyeon has been rumored to be dating Kim Jong-kook, Koo Jun-yeop, Kim Hee-chul, and Lee Seung-gi in the past.

A nightclub dance medley that was popular from the early 90s to the 2000s also continues. It is said that 'Single For Men', which performed a nostalgic dance ranging from rabbit dance, techno dance, and retro dance, was shocked and burst into laughter at ballad queen Lee Soo-young's unbridled, trance-like dance moves.

'Single for Men' can be seen on 'Shoes Off, Single for Men', which airs at 9 PM on the 14th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google