Pyo Ye-jin, colorful 2-person role
Pyo Ye-jin, colorful 2-person role
Actress Pyo Ye-jin opened the doors to ‘Moon Rising During the Day’.

On the 1st, ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Moon Rising During the Day' starring Pyo Ye-jin was unveiled. Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, which has reached 700 million cumulative views, 'The Moon Rising During the Day' is a dangerous and heartbreaking reincarnation romance between a man whose time has stopped after being murdered by his lover, and a woman who has lost her memories of her past life and has passed on indefinitely. all.

Pyo Ye-jin transformed into Han Rita, the daughter of General Gaya, and Kang Yeong-hwa, a firefighter and rescue worker, in the drama, acting in dual roles for the first time in her life, drawing a lot of attention even before the broadcast. It was her passionate performance in episode 1 of ‘The Moon that Rises in the Day’ that led to such expectations and a positive response of “As expected of Pyo Ye-jin.”

Pyo Ye-jin's performance was dazzling from the beginning. It was the beginning of a sad fate that crossed the past and present. He first appeared as Han Rita, who lost her family at the hands of Do-ha (played by Kim Young-dae).

Han Rita's eyes, filled with various emotions, were more powerful than a hundred words. From the sadness of watching loved ones lose their breath, to the hatred toward Doha, to the determination to seek revenge. It allowed viewers to immediately understand his complicated feelings and at the same time increased their sense of immersion.

Now, 1,500 years later, Han Rita has been reincarnated as Kang Yeong-hwa, a firefighter and rescue worker called the ‘Miracle Firefighter.’ The sight of him waking up with a frown on his face, as if memories of the past had manifested into a nightmare, stimulated curiosity.

Afterwards, the meeting between Kang Young-hwa and Han Jun-oh (played by Kim Young-dae) provided a fun experience that one could not take one's eyes off. In particular, the plot rushed towards its climax when Kang Young-hwa jumped into the water without hesitation to save Han Jun-oh. Kang Young-hwa's firm determination to save Han Jun-oh no matter what happened touched the hearts of the viewers and made them even more excited for the story to unfold in the future.

Pyo Ye-jin meticulously portrayed the two characters, each with their own narrative, through delicate details such as facial expressions and voice tones filled with a variety of emotions. His acting skills, which he had solidly accumulated in numerous films, shone through.

In this way, Pyo Ye-jin took the first step in the reincarnation romance. If he was responsible for the first half of this year through the dramas 'Model Taxi Season 2' and 'Youth's Tale', in the second half of the year, he is radiating the presence of an actor who can be trusted and seen as 'the moon that rises during the day'. While attention is being paid to the next story of Han Rita and Kang Young-hwa, which will be written with flawless acting skills, curiosity is also rising about Pyo Ye-jin's other activities that will be shown in the future.

Episode 2 of ENA's 'Moon Rising During the Day' starring Pyo Ye-jin will be aired today (2nd) at 9 PM.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google