Kim Bo-seong, “My marriage is in crisis, I made my wife film a will video.”
Kim Bo-seong, “My marriage is in crisis, I made my wife film a will video.”
Actor Kim Bo-seong is attempting an event for his wife for the first time in 25 years of marriage.

On this day, Kim Bo-seong surprised everyone by confessing to Lee Sang-min and Kim Jun-ho, “My marriage is in crisis these days.” Kim Bo-seong, who celebrates his 25th wedding anniversary this year, confesses the situation at the time, saying, “My wife told me that she was happy only once since she married me.” The mother Avengers who saw this were astonished. Bo-seong Kim said with tears in his eyes, “I haven’t heard a single word from my wife that she was happy since that day.”

In response, Lee Sang-min made people laugh by saying, “The biggest mystery in the entertainment industry is that Bo-seong has remained married until now.” In particular, when Kim Bo-seong's unique act of loyalty, such as experiencing delisting while protecting his 'loyalty with stocks,' was introduced, Movengers reportedly could not hide his lament, saying, "My wife must have had a really hard time."

Kim Bo-sung shocks everyone by confessing that he once made his wife film a will video. Kim Bo-seong, who went to the brink of death while maintaining his ‘loyalty with alcohol,’ poured out his last words in front of his wife before his death. We are looking forward to seeing the identity of the will video that surprised everyone.

Bo-seong Kim wants to hold his first event for his wife in celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary, and asks for help from Lee Sang-min and Kim Jun-ho. Kim Bo-seong, who has begun preparing a special event at a place filled with memories of the couple, cannot hide his excitement. Kim Bo-seong's wife arrives, but as soon as it starts, unexpected situations arise one after another, and the Movengers sigh when they see Kim Bo-seong in confusion. Kim Bo-sung's wife ended up in tears at the Kim Bo-sung ticket event, which was beyond imagination, and all eyes were on her.

‘My Little Old Boy’ will be broadcast on the 5th at 9:05 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google