Netflix series 'Iduna!'
Interview with Yang Se-jong as Won-jun
Yang Se-jong "Suzy, unrivaled atmosphere and nuance are perfect"
Yang Se-jong "Suzy, unrivaled atmosphere and nuance are perfect"
Actor Yang Se-jong mentioned Suzy, who he co-starred with in the Netflix series 'Lee Doo-na!'

Yang Se-jong met with Ten Asia at a cafe located in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 27th and told various stories about the Netflix series 'Iduna!'

‘Lee Doo-na!’, which was released on Netflix on the 20th, is a story about an ordinary college student, Won-jun (played by Yang Se-jong), who meets Doona (played by Su-ji), who has retired from her glamorous K-pop idol days in a share house. By following the gaze of the realistic character Won-jun and simultaneously depicting the loneliness she feels in her own world, the story depicts the process of two clumsy people understanding and approaching each other.

In the play, Yang Se-jong plays the role of Lee Won-jun. Won-Jun Lee spends a long time commuting to school due to his mother being the sole breadwinner without his father and his sick younger brother. Won-Jun finally decides to live on his own and moves into a share house near the school. A person who takes care of Doona, who is being trampled on, and wants to protect her from stalkers and malicious comments.
Yang Se-jong "Suzy, unrivaled atmosphere and nuance are perfect"
Yang Se-jong "Suzy, unrivaled atmosphere and nuance are perfect"
On this day, Yang Se-jong mentioned Suzy, his co-star. He repeatedly expressed his gratitude to director Lee Jeong-hyo and Suzy, who directed the production. Yang Se-jong said about Suzy, who played the role of Iduna, "It is my subjective opinion, but I thought that Suzy would be first and unrivaled in the role of Iduna. I also told this to Suzy. I think she is Iduna herself. On set. “When I first saw Suzy, she appeared as the Iduna I saw in the script. I think the nuance and atmosphere that Suzy, who became Iduna, was perfect,” he said.

When asked how he felt when he heard that his co-star was Suzy, he said, "I was so happy. I said, 'Suzy is playing Iduna? That's awesome.' I thought it was the most perfect casting. In the beginning of the play, he rejected Doona. “There is a scene where you have to push away, and that part is possible for Wonjun. I think he wore the hooded sweatshirt that Wonjun was wearing without knowing. I think it would be a natural fit for Wonjun.”

Yang Se-jong calls Suzy ‘sister’ in the play. He said, "As soon as I got to the filming set, it wasn't awkward to call Suzy 'noona'. Before starting filming, I met with director Lee Jeong-hyo and Suzy and talked a lot. We started (filming) with no awkwardness at all. In that regard, "There was no awkwardness (about calling me sister). I asked Suzy what I should do to improve my skin. She said I should definitely wear a pack," she said, making everyone laugh.

Suzy is nicknamed ‘the nation’s first love.’ Yang Se-jong said, "I didn't feel any pressure at all. I felt like I could tell just by looking at their eyes, and with the good feelings that arose during rehearsals, I was able to focus entirely on Won-jun and Doona as characters. Doesn't Suzy come out very beautifully? It's people's feedback about that, so the public “I felt good because I thought they were looking at it favorably because it was feedback from ,” he said with a smile.

Previously, Suzy said, "I shed a lot of tears during rehearsals. When we actually started filming, there were many moments when my energy was exhausted. So, during rehearsals, I tried to act without mixing my emotions as much as possible." Regarding this, Yang Se-jong said, "For Suzy and I, it felt like we were actually filming when we were rehearsing. The situation was created to that extent. We knew each other just by looking into each other's eyes, and we followed the flow of the script and thought, 'Huh?' “I tried to make a connection so as not to miss any subtle, delicate emotions that came out,” he said.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google