Kim So-hyun "The son of the top 0.01% now has no ability to be gifted"
Kim So-hyun "The son of the top 0.01% now has no ability to be gifted"
Musical actress Kim So-hyun revealed the story of her refusal to receive gifted education for her son Juan.

Kim So-hyun and her father, nephrology professor Kim Seong-kwon, appeared together for the first time on KBS2's 'Problem Son in the Rooftop', which aired on the 25th.

On that day's broadcast, MC Jeong Hyeong-don asked a question, saying, "I'm curious about that. The education method of my father, who sent three of his children to Seoul National University." Professor Kim Seong-kwon answered, “When the children were growing up, I was so busy that I couldn’t take care of them well. It’s autonomy rather than free-ranging. Do what you want.”

Kim So-hyun said, "He didn't really tell me to study. In fact, the reason I say this is because I am good at arts and physical education. My younger brother studied a lot and was smart. He did that. I didn't go to academy except for math. I hike Mt. Gwanak every weekend with my dad." “I went. He didn’t say anything and just drove around Seoul National University,” he explained.
Kim So-hyun "The son of the top 0.01% now has no ability to be gifted"
Kim So-hyun "The son of the top 0.01% now has no ability to be gifted"
Professor Kim Seong-kwon revealed, “This time, (Kim So-hyun) went on a drive to the Ivy League with Juan.” Kim So-hyun, who heard this, said, "We went sightseeing, and that came to mind a lot. We went there a lot."

Professor Kim Seong-kwon said, “When (the children) were growing up, I was in an American hospital. They could not speak English or anything, so they studied independently.” Kim So-hyun said, "I had to go to the United States, but I went there without even knowing ABC. He was literally just wandering around. When I think about it now, I went there and couldn't understand anything. I wrote down everything I heard in Korean." Professor Kim Seong-kwon said, “We went without knowing ABC, but all three of us spoke English well.”

Jung Hyung-don also asked, “Don’t you have expectations for your son Juan?” Song Eun-i said, “I think the expectations of those around me are enormous. Isn’t he so smart and gifted?” Kim So-hyun replied, "I think I spoke a little fast. Since we both worked, my grandmother and grandfather raised me a lot. I feel like I learned by listening to my grandmother and grandfather."

Kim So-hyun's 11-year-old son Juan is said to be a 0.01% gifted child. Professor Kim Seong-kwon made people laugh by saying, “He was talking to me and I told him to study hard because he would have to take tests when he got to middle school, and he said he knew.” Kim So-hyun said, "When Juan was young, he often told me that he was smart, so I asked him to take a gifted test. After the broadcast, I went to take the test, and it turned out that I was number one out of 1,000 people."

He continued, "The gifted center told me to start training from now on. They said I wouldn't do it. They said it wasn't acquired through learning, but was innate, so if I didn't develop it, it would disappear. Even so, I said I wouldn't do it. I can't forget the look on his face at that time, 'Are you out of your mind?' He looked at me with an expression like, ‘Is it you?’ Of course, it’s great to have him study, but at the time, I didn’t want to feel pressured like that. Now, I think (his gifted ability) is gone,” he added.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google