'Steel Unit 3' UDT-UDU eliminated together
'Steel Unit 3' UDT-UDU eliminated together
The 707-US Special Forces of 'Steel Unit 3' demonstrated amazing practical know-how and teamwork in the 'Counter-Terrorism Joint Operation', defeating the 'Navy Alliance' UDT-UDU and advancing to the semifinals.

In the 6th episode of Channel A and ENA's entertainment show 'Steel Unit 3', which aired on the 24th, the second main mission, 'Counter-Terrorism Joint Operation', unfolded, and each unit's outstanding operational ability, teamwork, and chemistry between the members exploded.

In this mission, the 707-US Special Forces alliance experienced a thrilling victory by defeating the UDT-UDU alliance by just 29 seconds. As a result, 707 and US Special Forces, including HID, which advanced to the semifinals with a 'bye', advanced to the semifinals. settled on. On the other hand, UDT and UDU, who had been highly anticipated as a 'Navy Union', faced each other in a 'tidal flat tire flipping' death match.

At a time of deep darkness, the two joint teams gathered at an enormous abandoned factory complex. While even the members were nervous about the majesty of the place, Master Choi Young-jae announced the starting members who would participate in the two combined teams and one 'opposition member' who would be deployed as an opposing force for the opposing team for the first time in the history of the 'Steel Unit.' The 'counterforce member' who attracted everyone's curiosity was confirmed to be UDU Kim Hyun-young and U.S. Special Forces Jeff. Master Youngjae Choi then added, “There is a 60-second penalty for each gunshot wound,” turning the scene into thin ice.
'Steel Unit 3' UDT-UDU eliminated together
'Steel Unit 3' UDT-UDU eliminated together
After a while, the UDT-UDU coalition boarded a vehicle and began a 'cooperative counter-terrorism operation'. The UDT-UDU coalition broke through the barricade with a vehicle and instantly eliminated the opposing forces. Next, Kim Gyeong-baek of the 'infiltration team' climbed the 40m high rope ladder without hesitation and obtained an operational map. 'Cover Team' Jeong Jong-hyun displayed perfect chemistry with Go In-ho and suppressed the opposing force, while obstructing the opposing force's view with the gun's light and shooting quickly and accurately.

The moment the UDT-UDU alliance arrived at the manufacturing room, Jeff, a member of the 'opposition force', appeared as an opposing force protecting the 'biological and chemical weapons' that they had to take to the finish line, arousing tension. The UDT-UDU alliance and Jeff fought for a long time and finally succeeded in seizing the biological weapons. Afterwards, the UDT-UDU coalition carried out operations divided into a hostage rescue team and a weapons delivery team. However, at this time, an unexpected situation occurred in which Go In-ho, who was transporting weapons, was caught in a surprise attack by opposing forces. Nevertheless, the crew showed calmness and completed the operation successfully.

Next, the 707-US Special Forces Alliance focused everyone's attention on the 'ROK-US Alliance' seen for the first time in 'Steel Unit'. They set “Speed over safety!” as the motto of this operation and even unified operational terminology, breaking down the language barrier. In addition, the sight of these people carrying out the operation quickly as soon as it started made MC Kim Hee-cheol exclaim, “It’s a real movie!” In particular, Will, who was deployed as a 'cover team', assumed the role of 'frontman' and walked around the battlefield without hesitation. MC Kim Seong-ju, who saw this, opened his mouth and said, “It’s on a different level.” 'Pioneer' Ian also seemed to be possessed as 'Thor', and destroyed the cabinet with just two hammer blows to obtain a key set to unlock the biochemical weapon.

707-US Special Forces Association immediately rushed to the manufacturing room where UDU Kim Hyun-young was waiting as a 'counterforce'. At this time, Will charged straight into the manufacturing room and quickly subdued the 'opposition boss' Kim Hyeon-young. However, he took a long time to find the real key among the key bundle. In the end, Will, who found the key, succeeded in seizing the biochemical weapon, and Hong Beom-seok and Ian went to rescue the hostages assigned as an additional mission, showing perfect chemistry. Afterwards, the mission was successful by quickly carrying the biochemical weapon to the finish line. MC Kim Dong-hyun applauded, saying, “I don’t know where the time has passed.”

It was not until dawn that the two coalition teams came together again, and the final winning coalition was announced. Youngjae Choi announced the superiority of the UDT-UDU alliance, saying, “The record difference between the two alliances is only 31 seconds.” However, in the 'gunshot penalty', the 707-US Special Forces Combined Forces received only one shot, recording a total of 14 minutes and 23 seconds. On the other hand, the UDT-UDU alliance was defeated by the 707-US Special Forces alliance with a total of 14 minutes and 52 seconds after receiving two shots.

The UDT-UDU alliance, which was unfortunately eliminated, moved to the mud flats of South Chungcheong Province and prepared for a 'death match'. Master Youngjae Choi said, “This deathmatch mission is ‘flip the tidal flat tire.’ “You have to flip over a 300kg tire and move it 300m,” he said. Even in the 'ultimate ultimate' death match, the members of both units gritted their teeth and fought to the death by pushing the tires even though both legs were sinking. In the end, the crew members even walked on their knees or pushed the tires with their heads. Meanwhile, the broadcast ended with UDT slightly ahead, raising curiosity about who would be the second unit to be eliminated following the previously eliminated special forces.

‘Steel Unit 3’ airs every Tuesday at 10:30 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google