Lee Chan-won revealed his composition style, saying, “I write over several months.”
Lee Chan-won revealed his composition style, saying, “I write over several months.”
'Talk Pawon 25 O'Clock' delivered a rich experience with an online tour that satisfied the five senses.

JTBC's 'Talk Pawon 25 O'Clock', which aired on the 23rd, showcased a variety of entertainment options from around the world, including music, leisure, and food. From a classical music tour to Vienna, Austria, to activities enjoyed in the South Island of New Zealand, where Mother Nature is alive and breathing, to micro and mega food tours in Thailand and the United States, it captivated viewers.

On this day, in the 'Talk Partner World Exploration Life' corner, we enjoyed the atmosphere of classical music in Vienna, Austria, the capital of world music, following in the footsteps of Haydn, the father of the symphony, and Beethoven, the malignant. Austrian 'TALK' staff visited the Haydn House, which was renovated from the house where Haydn lived when he was alive, and looked into his life devoted to music all his life, introducing various anecdotes and providing a valuable time.

Then, when his routine of enjoying coffee every morning at the Beethoven Museum, which he moved to, was introduced, MC Lee Chan-won, who said, “I write it over several months,” and guest Jung Yong-hwa, who said, “If it doesn’t come out within a day, I throw it away,” mentioned their polarizing composition styles. Ahn Woo-sung, a classical music expert who appeared as a guest, further increased immersion by interestingly revealing the behind-the-scenes stories behind the musicians and their works.

On a LAN trip to the South Island of New Zealand, the natural environment captured the hearts of those who saw it. First, in Christchurch, the South Island's representative city, we enjoyed a fruitful city tour, visiting various parts of the city, including the temporary cathedral, the International Antarctic Center, and the Tramway Restaurant.

In addition, Mount Cook, which boasts New Zealand's highest height at 3,724m above sea level, was awe-inspiring with its spectacular scenery created by glaciers covering the rugged mountain peaks and a glacial lake with a mysterious light. In addition, in Queenstown, known as a world-class resort, vicarious satisfaction was provided by experiencing thrilling activities such as the 'Shark Ride', which travels around the lake at overwhelming speed, and the world's largest and scariest swing.

In the 'Talk Partner Direct Purchase' corner, the fun was doubled with small and large food tours of the world. Thailand's miniature restaurant is made up of miniature items, including menus, tableware, and cooking utensils, and although it is only about 2cm in size, it captures attention with perfect details that are identical to existing food, ingredients, and taste.

On the other hand, the super-large Giant Pizza I met in the United States surprised me with its high price of about 700,000 won from the start. Approximately 9.5 kg of dough made from one bag of flour was poured with various ingredients such as sauce, cheese, and toppings, showing off the enormous scale of the dough that could feed 25 people, making jaws drop.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google