Oh Eun-young appeals with tears, “Come to your senses”
Oh Eun-young appeals with tears, “Come to your senses”
In Channel A's entertainment show 'Parenting These Days - My Golden Child', which will be broadcast on the 20th, the story of '6-year-old son left alone and speaking in machine language' will be revealed.

On this day, parents with a 6-year-old son appear in the studio. In the introduction video, a happy family of three full of laughter stands out. But in the parking lot, Geum covered his ears, clung to his mother, and ran away from the hand dryer in the bathroom. Perhaps because he is sensitive to sound, he spends most of his daily life crying.

In the daily video, you can see Geumjjok's evening routine. Geum-Jeok, who was having a peaceful time, suddenly becomes very surprised. The cause is the air conditioner cleaning instruction voice. Geum-Jeok, who was restless and not knowing what to do, eventually covered his ears and began to sob, asking for the air conditioner to stop making noise. Not only the air conditioner, but also the sound of the vacuum cleaner frightens him and he runs away, and he even holds back his stool because he is scared of the sound of the toilet flushing. Although it reacts sensitively to various sounds, curiosity is raised because it does not respond at all to the calls of mom and dad.

In the following video, Geumjjoek, who visited the beauty salon, attracts attention. The entire time Geum was cutting his hair, he closed his eyes tightly and continued to look anxious. I barely managed to hold back and cut off all my hair, but the problem actually starts from there. When I tried to make her sit on a chair with a sink to wash her hair, she showed extreme resistance and eventually screamed and fell to the ground on the floor of the beauty salon.

Even as I was able to sit down on the chair and wash my hair, Geumjjoo was in pain, shedding tears as if she were being tortured. The panelists watching also cannot hide their sadness at the sight of Geumjjoek enduring such ordinary things with difficulty. In response, Dr. Oh said, “I don’t think it’s simply a fear caused by sound,” drawing attention to what Geumjjoek’s difficulties might be.

The words that come out of Gold’s mouth are also unusual. It only repeats incomprehensible words like “There are not enough Dr. Oh, who was watching this closely, carefully opened his mouth and said, “The diagnosis suspected in Geumjjoek is not a very common diagnosis.” However, after a while, Dr. Oh Eun-young's tearful appeal to her mother to come to her senses drew attention.

Geumjeok is afraid of sound and repeats unknown machine language. The solution proposed by Dr. Oh for the golden child and the golden family can be seen on 'Parenting These Days - My Golden Child', which will be broadcast at 8 PM on the 20th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google