Lee Chan-won, the story of being shocked after seeing a Thai chaebol house
Lee Chan-won, the story of being shocked after seeing a Thai chaebol house
JTBC's 'Talk Partner 25 Hours' announced a LAN house tour of a different scale.

The 5th part of the World House Tour will be held on JTBC's 'Talk Partner 25 Hours', which will be broadcast on the 16th. In Mongolia, we tour houses in the city instead of the familiar ger, and in Thailand, we tour the house of Thai Tok Pawon in Bangkok, as well as the house of Haiso, a Thai conglomerate that goes beyond imagination.

Mongolian Tokpawon visits the mansion of Jai Seung in Ulaanbaatar, Gangnam, Mongolia. The site boasts a large land area of a whopping 540 pyeong, and upon entering the mansion, there is a closet in the entrance, which arouses curiosity. In addition, while Parr, a Mongolian heating device, is installed throughout the room, there is no air conditioner anywhere in the house, which is expected to attract attention.

Next, Tokpawon's house in Thailand is revealed. In particular, Tokpawon introduces what is unique about Thai houses is that all items are optional. Most of the furniture found in the house, including refrigerators and microwaves, as well as dishes, TVs, and sofas, are provided as options. In response, MC Kim Sook said, “This is called a pension,” causing laughter in the studio. In addition, you can enjoy the river view through full-length windows in both the bedroom and the bathroom, making MC Lee Chan-won jealous.

Next, we begin a tour of the house of Sumani, a Thai high-class person, on Langsuan Street, the residence of the Thai upper class. The cast, who were somewhat disappointed by the seemingly ordinary 9th floor apartment, are surprised when the twist of the story is revealed that they own an entire building, while Lee Chan-won is shocked to discover the butlers greeting the talk attendant.

Above all, a situation arises where the talk attendant, who was looking around the palace-like house, covers his mouth in the bathroom. This is because both the bathtub and toilet were made of pure gold. During the introduction of Sumani's beloved items, Tokpawon personally tries on extremely expensive and cherished items.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google