MAMAMOO Hwasa “I regret not having fun in my 20s”… Confession of the reason why I was addicted to alcohol
MAMAMOO Hwasa “I regret not having fun in my 20s”… Confession of the reason why I was addicted to alcohol
Mamamoo Hwasa regretted not having fun when she was in her 20s.

On the 2nd, a video was posted on the YouTube channel 'Salty Brother Shin Dong-yeop' with the title 'Fifth salty Hwasa, Magic Eye, is this an apple?'

In the released video, Hwasa expressed her feelings about appearing on Salty Brother, saying, "The people I really wanted to have a drink with were Lee Hyori, Sung Si-kyung, and Shin Dong-yeop. They all made it happen. It's so much fun."

He continued, "I started drinking this year. I turned 29 this year, and the moment the New Year's bell rang, I felt regret. 'Why didn't I have fun like this during my 20s?' "That's what I wanted to do. So I became addicted to alcohol for a month. Even my friends would say, 'You're so weird.'"

He also explained, “After drinking alcohol for a whole month, my face was so swollen. It was seriously swollen.”

Shin Dong-yeop, who heard this, said, "Do you know why that is? When you drink, you eat a lot, but if you don't sober up the next day, you keep wanting to eat something. That's why you say you've gained a little weight and swollen. In fact, you've gained weight."

Afterwards, Psy called Hwasa. Psy gave Shin Dong-yup a big laugh by saying, "Brother, did you drink? Didn't you say you took 3 days off this year? That's amazing."

Shin Dong-yup suddenly asked Psy to appear in Salty Brother, and Psy readily expressed his intention to appear. Shin Dong-yeop commented to the production team, "Jae-sang is really funny in private."

Hwasa shared her special friendship with her senior Lee Hyo-ri, whom she met through programs such as 'Hangout - Refund Expedition' and 'Dance Singer Wandering Troupe'.

He said, “When you meet someone who is so great, don’t you feel like you have become a new person just by meeting them? Lee Hyori is exactly that kind of person.” In addition, Lee Hyori gave a thumbs up for participating in the 'I Love My Body' challenge in a bikini, saying, "My senior danced in just a swimsuit, so I was so grateful and felt like I learned something."

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google