Lee Yoo-bi and Hwang Jung-eum, drug overdose and mass murder... Abandonment of corpses is a bonus
Lee Yoo-bi and Hwang Jung-eum, drug overdose and mass murder... Abandonment of corpses is a bonus
Bloody punishment for the wicked has finally begun.

In the 6th episode of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Escape of the Seven' (directed by Joo Dong-min, written by Kim Soon-ok, produced by Chorokbaem Media and Studio S), which aired on the 30th, the truth about the shocking incident that occurred on the island was revealed. People who were hallucinating while under the influence of drugs killed each other to survive. The vicious solidarity of the seven people who once again sacrificed someone for survival caused goosebumps. The shocking ending of Matthew Lee (Eom Ki-jun), who appeared in front of the seven who became the last survivors, and Han Mone (Lee Yu-bi), who confessed to killing Bang Da-mi (Jung Ra-el), gave a twist and predicted an unpredictable development. .

While the mystery was amplified by the truth about 'that day' when Bang Dami disappeared, the dizzying spicy development aroused enthusiastic reactions from viewers. The viewer rating for the 6th episode was 7.3% nationwide and 7.0% in the metropolitan area (based on Nielsen Korea), maintaining the top spot in viewership ratings across all channels during the same time slot. At the moment, the highest viewer rating soared to 7.8%, and it ranked first in the mini-series aired on Saturday. The 2049 viewer rating also recorded 2.2%.

On this day, the villains engaged in a bloody survival battle to escape from the cursed island. The person who appeared before the people who were filled with fear due to the series of deaths was the dock owner. He urged the survivors to quickly escape from a place full of poisonous plants and no communication. As I made my way through the thorny bushes that was the only path, I came across a swamp of unknown depth. The wicked were angry, but they had no other choice. And the wicked waited for people who would become stepping stones for them. Seven people form a cunning and vicious alliance to survive. The madness of moving forward, trampling on those who came later as planned, was bizarre, and the face of the dock owner watching the scene was meaningful.

Hell continued. The wicked who had passed the life-or-death crisis quenched their thirst at the well and took a breather. At that time, an unbelievable sight unfolded. People who died in the swamp turned into monsters and attacked the evildoers. Those who survived found their own weapons and fought fiercely. After a long fight, the villains came to their senses and faced a shocking sight. The monsters they had fought so far were people, and the well was full of rotten water. “I didn’t kill anyone. The sight of these people rushing to rationalize rather than feeling guilty, saying, “I was just protecting myself,” gave me goosebumps.

The final hurdle awaited those who were swept out to sea by the strong current. The boat the dock owner brought was gone, and only a 7-person boat remained. There were 13 survivors. A situation where someone has to remain on this island. The wicked ran like crazy and boarded the boat. The last survivors, Geum Ra-hee (played by Hwang Jeong-eum), Min Do-hyuk (Lee Joon), Han Mo-ne, Cha Ju-ran (Shin Eun-kyung), Yang Jin-mo (Yoon Jong-hoon), Go Myeong-ji (Cho Yoon-hee), and Nam Cheol-woo (Cho Jae-yoon) took themselves with them. Even the dock owner who asked for help was mercilessly eliminated. And once again they formed solidarity to keep the atrocities committed on the island a secret.

However, 'Bulli's curse' did not end. In the hotel room they returned to, there was a bloody warning notice placed in front of them informing them of their sins as the last seven survivors. ‘Bangul’s biological mother, Geum Ra-hee’, ‘Bulul’s namesake, Min Do-hyuk’, ‘Han Mo-ne, the real woman who gave birth to Myeongju Girls’ High School’, ‘Cha Ju-ran, the murderer of Bang Chil-seong’, ‘Yang Jin-mo, the founder of The Scarlet Letter’, ‘Go Myeong-ji, an adulterous teacher at Myeongju Girls’ High School’, ‘Drugs The seven villains, including Detective Nam Cheol-woo, trembled in fear at the prospect of their crimes. Thinking it was someone's prank, Geum Ra-hee and Yang Jin-mo headed to the room of Joo Yong-ju (played by Kim Ki-du), the winner of the award-winning 'Scarlet Letter'. The two people who discovered 'drugs' there realized that they were hallucinating and behaving strangely under the influence of drugs. And the seven completely destroyed the evidence to conceal the truth.

The seven villains had a morning like any other. The seven people started acting as they kissed. When the hotel staff said that there was no one in the room, he said that he was drunk and did not know anything, and secretly said that he thought he had seen him go to see the sea in his sleep. It seemed to be going according to plan, but we were faced with an unexpected twist. A group of bodies were found tangled up on a remote island, and a hotel employee also testified that he saw Geum Ra-hee burning something. Matthew Lee appeared at a moment of crisis and turned the situation around. The investigation network that had been narrowed to evildoers was turned around and on-site verification began. Geum Ra-hee and Nam Cheol-woo, who went on site verification with Matthew Lee, were engulfed in confusion. The island was a completely different scene from last night. It was also strange that people who died in different places were gathered in one place. Additionally, the seven people who received the threatening message realized that they were all involved in Bang Dami's disappearance.

Although they succeeded in covering up the bizarre incident that occurred on the island, the evildoers were divided and trembled with fear. Joo Yong-ju’s body also disappeared. The wicked who believed it was a ‘curse from Bang Dami’ were confused. As a tragic incident that occurred at a fan event was reported, top star Han Mone faced a crisis and suffered from nightmares. And a surprising truth was revealed. On the ‘day’ Bang Dami disappeared, Han Monet met him. Han Mo-ne attacked Bang D-mi, who did not give up despite his dissuasion that he would compensate for everything by becoming a top star. The twist of Han Monet confessing to Geum Ra-hee, “I killed Bang Da-mi,” was shocking.

Meanwhile, Matthew Lee has completed the build-up to punish the evildoers. Wicked people who use Matthew Lee, the CEO of the 'Tiki Taka' platform, to achieve their own desires and success, without even dreaming that they are the 'punisher' who has come to punish them. Matthew Lee's bloody punishment for the seven evildoers who piled up yet another karma of sin begins now. Attention is focused on what kind of solidarity and counterattack the villains will make against the death game he designed.

SBS's Friday-Saturday drama 'Escape of the Seven' airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google