Son Ye-jin "My son resembles me more than ♥Hyun Bin... happy married life"
Son Ye-jin "My son resembles me more than ♥Hyun Bin... happy married life"
Actress Son Ye-jin announced that she is happily married to her husband Hyun Bin.

‘Can I be this happy?’ was recently released on professional golfer Lim Jin-han’s YouTube channel ‘Im Jin-han Class’. A video titled ‘A round dripping with happiness’ was posted.

In the released video, Son Ye-jin was asked, "Isn't it hard to raise a baby?" and she said, "Of course there are difficult parts, but the happiness a child gives me is a happiness I have never felt in my life."

Regarding parenting, she said, "Of course there are some very difficult parts, but I think the happiness that a baby gives me is the happiness that I have never felt in my life."

Im Jin-han, who heard this, asked, “If that’s the case, aren’t you saying you want to have another child?” Son Ye-jin smiled and said, “I need to think about it a bit, but the baby is so pretty. So cute.”

In response to the question of whether the child resembles Nug more, he said, "A lot of people say that they have a strange resemblance. They say that the eyes and the top of the face resemble me, and the bottom of the face resembles the father, but they say that babies' faces keep changing." “I like it better now because it seems to resemble me a little more.”

Son Ye-jin said, "(Hyun Bin is really good at golf)," and added, "After I decided to appear as a teacher, I continued to take my husband to practice. He asked me to teach him."

Lim Jin-han praised Hyun Bin, saying, “Hyun Bin has a really kind heart. I think he’s really good.” Son Ye-jin said, "He's nice," but added, "Don't you deserve something from your husband? It's a day of praise."

He continued, "I always tell (Hyun Bin) to go out on his own, but isn't he a bit of a perfectionist? He said he wants to do better."

Jin-Han Lim said, “We were going to feature him on YouTube, but he said, ‘Teacher, I want to work harder and have a confrontational structure.’” Ye-Jin Son said, “He said he couldn’t do it forever,” causing laughter.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google