'5,000 pyeong cafe CEO' Byungga, Gimpo townhouse revealed
'5,000 pyeong cafe CEO' Byungga, Gimpo townhouse revealed
Koyote Kim Jong-min and Baekga check out specific issues related to marriage.

In the 83rd episode of Channel A's entertainment show 'Man's Life These Days - Groom Class (hereinafter referred to as 'Groom Class')', which airs on the 27th (today), Koyotae's 'Ready Groom' Kim Jong-min and Baek-ga appear and perform blind evaluations at a marriage information company as well as tarot readings. Watching it ignites the spark for marriage.

Baekga reveals his daily life in a townhouse in Gimpo, saying, “I did business in Jeju Island and bought a house near the airport.” Upon seeing the sensuous ‘Baekga House’ with its terrace and yard, ‘new groom’ Shim Hyeong-tak gapes, saying, “The house is like a studio.”

Baekga, who woke up this morning, keeps making his blanket and cleaning his house as his ‘morning routine.’ In particular, when he ate the mini apples he had grown himself, his 'mentor' Moon Se-yoon stuck out his tongue and said, "He is meticulous and delicate," and Baeok-ga self-destructed, saying, "My mom says I'm unlucky," making everyone laugh. Furthermore, while eating steamed kimchi, Baekga exudes an all-time 'housekeeping charm' and shows off his potential in a sudden phone call with his mother. When Byeok-ga asked his mother, “What kind of daughter-in-law do you want to get?”, the mother said, “She doesn’t care about me,” and used the ‘fourth-dimensional reversal method.’

While all the studio cast burst into laughter, Moon Se-yoon makes the couple nervous by making a surprise announcement, saying, “We sent Kim Jong-min and Mr. Baek’s application for admission to ‘Groom Class’ to a marriage information company and conducted a blind evaluation.” The representative of the marriage information company first gives a cautious, glowing evaluation of the two people's appearance. However, at this time, after checking the photo of himself submitted by the production team, Baek-ga becomes extremely angry and makes everyone crawl. However, a twist occurs later, raising curiosity about what the final marriage score will be between the two.

On this day, comedian and tarot expert Song Yi-ji makes a surprise appearance at the studio and reads the two people's tarot readings. Kim Jong-min said, “I am interested in marriage and business,” and Song Yi-ji checks her love luck first. After seeing the card Kim Jong-min drew, Song I-ji clapped and said, “I’m in!” A new start! “This is already the beginning,” he shouts.

Song Yi-ji then continues to move forward with her marriage luck, saying, “I have met a woman who will heal (Jong-min’s) wounds and train me, and a new start has arrived.” On the other hand, Baekga also receives a meaningful fortune telling and gives goosebumps.

The marriage information company evaluation and tarot reading results of Kim Jong-min, '4th grade, 4th class (44 years old)' and '4th grade, 2nd class (42 years old)' Baekga, can be confirmed on 'Groom's Class', which airs at 9:30 pm on the same day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google