Cha Seung-won opens Hell's Kitchen
Cha Seung-won opens Hell's Kitchen
Actor Cha Seung-won, led by Kim Sung-gyun and The Boyz member Joo-yeon, exuded knowledge and virtue of the Mayan civilization of different classes and succeeded in acquiring eight keys.

In the 8th episode of tvN's 'Following My Brother to Maya: The Nine Keys', which aired on the 22nd, Cha Seung-won, Kim Sung-gyun, and the main characters' eighth mission, Maya's mythological exploration, was depicted. The destination is Uxmal, the city of the gods. It is a representative city that led the Mayan Renaissance by blooming the most brilliant culture, and its overwhelming size and elaborate and splendid artistic architecture created a spectacle different from the previously explored Tonina and Tulum.

The 'Wizard's Pyramid', which has a height comparable to that of a 13th floor apartment and has a curved structure, the 'Convent Courtyard' where you can see the Puke style with simple lower part but gorgeous details at the upper part, and 'Pop', which was a Mayan sport and religious ritual. Various buildings, such as the 'Tap' Stadium and the 'Governor's Residence', which showed off its power with 15,000 ornate sculptures, gave off a mysterious Mayan aura that was difficult to take one's eyes off. The Mayas trio also couldn't stop exclaiming, saying, "It's amazing." In particular, Maya fan Cha Seung-won, who was overflowing with gratitude, couldn't stop talking about the aftermath even on his way back to the dorm. If he could time travel, he imagined, “I want to live in the heyday of Uxmal,” and the feeling of that feeling did not go away.

Afterwards, Cha Seung-won, Kim Sung-gyun, and Juyeon went on a night out. The purpose was to see the bubble wrap from 3,000 years ago recreated in the square of Mérida, the largest city in Mexico's Yucatán state. Bubble Tappop is a game in which a heavy ball weighing up to 5 kg is thrown into a 3 m high goal using only three body parts - elbows, hips, and pelvis - rather than hands or feet. It is said that the warriors who participated risked their lives in the game because of the belief that if they won, they would be reborn as gods. So, there was a history in which the winner or loser was sacrificed as a human sacrifice. In addition to this explanation, Cha Seung-won added to the fun of watching the game by telling the myth of twin brothers related to Bubble Tappop.

The ‘Mayaz Three’ evoked admiration at the mysterious and fierce competition of Mayan warriors that is difficult to see anywhere. At the end of the game, the ceremony of passing the lit ball between hands and putting it into the goal was the highlight of the game, showing the ultimate display of the warriors' bravery. Cha Seung-won was so immersed that he couldn't keep his mouth shut, and Kim Sung-gyun also couldn't hide his excitement as if he was charged with dopamine.

In particular, the look in Juyeon's eyes was unusual. Juyeon, who was cheering and staring at the warriors, finally entered the stadium. Juyeon, who learned how to handle the ball himself, became a promising Mayan warrior by catching the ball well with his pelvis, even though the heavy ball might be painful. Juyeon, who enjoyed saying, “I think I am now a Mayan,” completed his debut as a successful fighter with the passion and spirit of the only MZ of the Mayan expedition team.

The Mayazu trio, who cleared the eighth mission, gathered in the kitchen late at night after 9 p.m., arousing curiosity. It turns out that during the cenote expedition, Cha Seung-won, who was concerned about the production crew eating box lunches, declared, "Let's make chicken gomtang and eat it together." However, raw chicken and various vegetables waiting to be prepared were piled up in front of the Mayazu trio, and the kitchen's water supply was causing problems, including low water pressure and poor temperature control.

Hell's Kitchen was opened with the Mayaz trio's own mission that no one had ordered and there were no limits. Attention is being paid to whether Cha Seung-won, the master of cooking, will be able to safely return from kitchen hell and finish the chicken gomtang dinner for all the staff.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google